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Facebook Shadowbans in NY-23 Politics

Shadowbanning blocks comments from being seen by some, possibly all, users. A person posting a comment, seeing it, may not realize it is blocked from being seen by others. Joe Sempolinski is running in the NY-23 special election. He posts … Continue reading

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Buzz words and phrases

America will never be Socialist — DJT Never say never. — Folk wisdom Buzz words needn’t be organized in a coherent manner; they can be jumbled together in a “word salad.” There needn’t be a theme. For example: Here’s news … Continue reading

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Automated Propaganda, Weaponized Bots

Sociologist Philip N. Howard, writing in “IEEE Spectrum,” discusses automated political propaganda.  His article “How political campaigns have weaponize social media bots” is readable and important to an understanding of political propaganda. Looking at Tom Reed’s facebook page, I often … Continue reading

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We have learned more about propaganda

The special counsel detailed how a Russian effort to widen divisions in American society launched in 2014 morphed into active support for the candidacy of Donald Trump.–David A. Graham, The Atlantic The indictment filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller details … Continue reading

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Deleted from facebook

What Tom Reed doesn’t want to see: Tom Reed voted to waste 1.6 billion on a wall. http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2017/roll434.xml deleted July 28, 2017 https://newny23rd.com/2017/07/27/another-bill-going-nowhere/ deleted July 28, 2017 The penultimate paragraph … (So herein lies the opportunity: The best way to ensure … Continue reading

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Are these “campaign related?”

Are these “campaign related?” Tom Reed must think so; they were deleted from his facebook page. Where are his tax returns? Your group called me yesterday, I just got the message. I just thought you should know I think President … Continue reading

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Tom Reed makes poor use of facebook

Tom Reed recently posed as a facebook expert. In truth, he makes poor use of facebook. He has 700,000 constituents but only 4,400 likes on his official page. Here is information about some other Representatives: Representative Likes Justin Amash (R-MI) … Continue reading

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Reed’s facebook censorship

On July 21, a constituent complained about Reed’s censoring of constituents’ views on his public facebook page. Reed responded: House ethics require us to remove posts and comments that are campaign related. These are generally hidden by default, based on … Continue reading

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Has Rep. Reed become complacent and defensive?

Handily elected to a third full term, Tom has become increasingly complacent and defensive. Here is evidence of that. Tom never made much use of his official website “reed.house.gov.” Lately, there are even more signs of indifference and neglect:  As … Continue reading

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Rep. Amash’s fans lobby him on facebook

Rep. Amash’s fans speak; you can’t make this stuff up. What are your ideas on proceeding against Obama’s amnesty play? Don’t let Obama win. He is out of control. We the people voted for you because we know you will … Continue reading

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