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Science is not for Denial, it’s here to Embrace

The article was written by Cath Kestler, activist and resident of Silver Creek, NY   The Science March held on Earth Day provided us with an actual picture of the participating masses filled with an untiring enthusiasm in unity for … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed in Tyrone

  The Fire House is the key community center to many rural towns in upstate New York. That includes the Schuyler County Town of Tyrone. The meeting room is known for Pancake breakfasts and Harvest Dinners, as well as a community … Continue reading

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What are you doing on Earth Day?

March 28, 2017-Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump signed a sweeping executive order Tuesday at the Environmental Protection Agency, which officials said looks to curb the federal government’s enforcement of climate regulations by putting American jobs above addressing climate change. (to finish … Continue reading

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New Issues for Tom’s Town Halls?

Rep. Tom Reed announced his next round of Town Hall Meetings for this Saturday, April 1st. It looks like Team Reed has worked on improving the Town Hall venues. Instead of standing outdoor in a muddy field and have Reed … Continue reading

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What the EPA really said

The following the article was written by Michael Fitzgerald and was published in his June 12 Finger Lakes Times column “Write On”, (which appears Fridays). On Friday, Mr. Fitzgerald’s 2014 novel, “The Fracking War”  was awarded best General Fiction at the Green Book … Continue reading

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Conservative to Reed: Why did we vote for you?

Rep. Tom Reed’s second town hall meeting on Saturday, December 12 was in Stanley, Town of Seneca (Ontario County). A relatively small crowd, about 20 to 25, came to listen/talk to our congressman. We had the regular routine of the Pledge … Continue reading

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Tom Reed explains his CRomnibus vote

This is the time for us to unite, not divide, because we are on the right path.–Tom Reed Tom Reed explains his vote giving, as usual, only one side of the story. Further what he approves, is petty, mean spirited, … Continue reading

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EPA’s Science Advisory Board and HR 1422

The is the second in a series of articles about the Environmental Protection Agency. The first one detailed the EPA’s beginnings and goals. The Environment Protection Agency’s role is to protect human life and the environment by writing and enforcing … Continue reading

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Three bad bills

The House considered and passed three bad bills unlikely to be  considered by the Senate and likely to be vetoed should they reach President Obama. Explanations for these three bills are based on Rep. Michael Capuano’s weekly e-mail.   H.R. … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s Wood Stove Concerns vs Facts

Rep. Tom Reed, in his weekly “Update” of April 17, tells of his “concerns over an unfair EPA (proposed) Rule”: We’ve heard from constituents about the EPA’s proposed rule that would increase costs for New Yorkers who heat their homes … Continue reading

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