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Maricopa County Voting Machines

Unfortunately, after a loss of physical custody and control, no comprehensive methods exist to fully rehabilitate the compromised equipment or provide adequate assurance that they remain safe to use. — Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs We won’t use any … Continue reading

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Mitrano and Reed on election integrity

What a difference! Mitrano proposes to do more, Reed even less. Tom Reed tells us what we have been told repeatedly much of our lives: “Better dead than red; Russia is not our friend.” Describing Russian activity as “meddling” trivializes … Continue reading

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A brief history of Presidential nominating

The electoral college, created to give power to slave states, is enshrined in the Constitution. The details of political nominations are not. The nominating process has evolved over the years:       King Caucus–Candidates were selected at party caucuses. … Continue reading

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The Future of Election Forecasting

The Future of Election Forecasting Landlines are dying—and taking phone-based opinion polling with them. Scientific American, Oct 14, 2014 |By Regina Nuzzo In the past, it was possible to get a satisfactory random sample by picking random telephone numbers. Regina Ruzzo writes … Continue reading

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