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Rep. Molinaro on the Federal Budget

Appropriations and financing debt are two different things.–Vaughn Golden They’re not two different things.–Rep. Molinaro The speaker is made clear to the President that we’re not taking up what you what the world refers to as a clean bill.–Rep. Molinaro … Continue reading

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Rep. Amash, a fiscal conservative, on the budget

“I would rather keep all the levels (of spending) lower and stick to the sequester. But there are people in leadership who live outside of reality and want to increase things that Republicans like and pretend Democrats don’t exist.–Rep. Amash … Continue reading

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Senator Mike Lee in Iowa

“It’s the economy, stupid”–attributed to James Carville In the the The Atlantic, Peter Beinhart writes: If you look closely at the current crop of Republican candidates, you can see the beginnings of a similar (to the 2000 campaign) fracturing of … Continue reading

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Flood Insurance–Diverse Views

Federal Flood insurance is a tough issue. Conservatives would like to end the program or at least make it pay for itself. However, many legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, are leery of insurance costs so high as to put large … Continue reading

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This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes … Continue reading

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A “Teacher” Conducts Class

A teacher conducts class at a village hall. Well prepared students seek to please by reciting what they have learned. “Isn’t the national debt just like a credit card, a student asks?” Why sure, the teacher replies. You are right … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s Actions Do Not Match His Rhetoric

During the lead up to the government shut-down our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed introduced a House Resolution, H. Res. 368, which “ensures there’s no special treatment for Congress under the president’s health care law.” The “Special Treatment” which Rep. Reed … Continue reading

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NYS Proposed Sewage Indebtedness & Forest Preserve Title Dispute Amendments Explained

There will be 6 proposed amendments to the New York State Constitution  on the November 5 ballot for voters to decide on. We will bring you  descriptions of two proposed changes a day this week. Proposals One and Two were … Continue reading

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5 Scary Myths You Probably Believe About the Economy | Cracked.com

Our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed, at the May 11 Newfield Town Hall Meeting, said that the Debt was the most important issue facing our country The next three important issues are: Relief from regulations for businesses, Tax Reform, and The … Continue reading

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The Debt Guilt Trip and Other Economic Fallacies

“Congressman Reed believes that tough choices need to be made now to reign in the federal government’s excessive spending.  We have a responsibility to our children and grandchildren to be better stewards of taxpayer dollars. We cannot leave them a … Continue reading

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