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Tom Reed on Ukraine Scandal

An article by Rick Miller in the  “Olean Times Herald” reports Tom Reed’s views on the “Ukraine situation.” Miller reports: Rep. Tom Reed took aim Thursday at “extreme-left” Democrats he said were eager to overthrow the election and impeach President … Continue reading

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Tax loopholes aren’t the problem

Tax loopholes aren’t the problem, they are a symptom of a problem–Congress is the problem. Tax loopholes don’t grow on trees, they are enacted by Congress. Some may serve a worthwhile purpose, others only serve to reward special interests. It … Continue reading

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Government integrity by State

Government integrity An investigation of integrity of State governments found only three states (Alaska, California, Connecticut) with grades higher than D+; eleven States (22%) flunked. Here is the naughty list: Maine Michigan South Dakota Oklahoma Louisiana Nevada Oregon Wyoming Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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Term Limits

The cornerstone of new ethics reform should be term limits on all State elected officials.–Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss Gibson (R-NY-19) long ago pledged to serve no more than eight years in the House. Tuesday’s announcement that he won’t run … Continue reading

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New York is corruption’s proving ground. In December, 2013, three months before Cuomo shut down the Moreland Commission, it issued a preliminary, ninety-eight-page report describing “an epidemic of public corruption.” For instance: “One out of every eleven legislators to leave … Continue reading

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Andrew Cuomo–Successes and Disappointments

Politics is the art of the possible. Otto Von Bismarck, Aug. 11, 1867. Governor Andrew Cuomo has demonstrated extraordinary ability to achieve the impossible in NYS politics, but at a cost. Is he a hero or a goat? Cuomo was … Continue reading

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