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What’s conservative?

Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged. — Northwest Ordinance of 1787 inscribed on Angell Hall at the University of Michigan What’s conservative? … Continue reading

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Why say liberal with a sneer?

The root meaning of liberal from Latin “liber” is “free.” It is related to liberty, liberation and learning. Many founding fathers were liberals; Madison and Jefferson rejected monarchy; they envisioned a government for a free people with liberty and justice … Continue reading

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Is there a “golden mean” between extremes in politics?

  One might … conjecture that there is a limiting situation of some sort, a “boundary” with all convergent series on one side, all divergent series on the other side–at least as far as series with monotonic coefficients are concerned. … Continue reading

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Yates Conservative “Disappointed that Reed Endorsed Trump”

  A letter in the April 6 (Dundee) Observer started with: “It was so disappointing to read Congressman Tom Reed has endorsed a megalomanic (one who has infantile feelings of personal omnipotence) like Donald Trump for the high office of … Continue reading

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What’s conservative?

What’s conservative? Believing the only necessary qualification for office is to claim to be a Republican? Holding that Supreme Court Justices should have a secret right-wing agenda? Backing a presidential candidate with no relevant experience or track record? Calling for … Continue reading

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Conservatives ought to stay home this November

But it’s liberal incumbent Hanna (Malkin might as well have named Tom Reed) and his D.C. backers who are the elitists out of touch not only with GOP voters, but also with mainstream Americans. — Michelle Malkin What’s the difference between Tom … Continue reading

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