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Export Import Bank reauthorization

The charter for the Export-Import Bank will expire on June 30 unless Congress renews it. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, reportedly said that Congress should let the Export-Import Bank expire. Jordan cited widespread opposition … Continue reading

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Congress–Few Work Days and Little Accompished

On last night’s program on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow pointed out the House of Representatives are scheduled to work 19 more days this calendar year. As usual, her presentation was well researched; she connected many different dots to explain the ramifications … Continue reading

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Reed Joins The Extremists Threatening The Economy Recovery

The folowing Opinion, written by Martha Robertson, was printed in today’s Buffalo News and on her web page. The looming government shutdown shows how dysfunctional Congress has become. House Republicans bowed to tea party extremists and passed a bill that … Continue reading

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Geneva Listening Session on Syria

I was at the Rep. Reed’s “Listening Meeting” in Geneva on Tuesday afternoon. I counted around 30 people in the crowd. Reed started the session by praising President Obama for requesting that Congress weigh-in on his decision of having limited … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed To Hold Listening Sessions On Syria

The following is a press release: CONGRESSMAN TOM REED TO HOLD LISTENING SESSIONS ON SYRIA Schedules times for constituents to share thoughts  on U.S. involvement in Syrian civil war Congressman Tom Reed today announced that he will conduct six listening sessions … Continue reading

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Worst Than Talking Urinal Cakes

Our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed, likes to report to us spending items  that  “waste, fraud, and abuse” our hard earned tax dollars. I remember one in particular item that he complained about, the Talking Urinal Cakes. He reported that the … Continue reading

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Members of Congress Should Respect the Constitution

  Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell told the Sunday talk show hosts that Republicans would use “whatever leverage we have” in Congress to force spending cuts on the President.  Any further revenue increases to deal with the country’s debt problem … Continue reading

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Hope Springs Eternal!

Late news reports indicate that the House of Representatives will reconvene for votes at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday.  And it turns out the 112th Congress does not turn into a pumpkin at midnight, December 31.  Its term actually runs until … Continue reading

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House of Representatives AWOL

President Obama has returned to Washington, ready for a final effort to keep the nation from the fiscal cliff.  But speaker Boehner has told members of the House of Representatives they need not come back just now.  He will give … Continue reading

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