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High and low standards

But just as they did in Philadelphia when they were writing the Constitution, sooner or later, you’ve got to compromise. You’ve got to start making the compromises that arrive at a consensus and move the country forward.–Colin Powell Teachers, knowing … Continue reading

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Can the GOP govern wisely?

Passage of this (Cromnibus) bill will show our people that we can and will govern responsibly–House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers Can and will the GOP govern wisely. Past performance suggests not, but compromise on the 2015 budget offers hope. . … Continue reading

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Further Thoughts on the Texas Abortion Decision: Framing the Question

I don’t want to get preachy, or debate religion, but I found this article a breath of fresh air in the political world that surrounds us. The portion I selected is the end of the article, a summary you might … Continue reading

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