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Robertson and Reed on Campaign Finance Reform

We asked District 23 candidates: In the wake of the Citizens United decision, are you concerned about the influence of money in politics?     Reed: Staying connected to constituents is key I fight big money in politics by staying … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance, Lessig, MAYDAY PAC

The interesting corruption is the people who live within a system where influence is peddled and reckoned and bragged about as a function of the norms of culture that have evolved.–Lawrence Lessig Writing in the October 13th issue of The New … Continue reading

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What’s Extreme

Forty-eight members of the Democratic caucus attempted to do something never previously done: Amend the Bill of Rights. They tried to radically shrink First Amendment protection of political speech. They evidently think extremism in defense of the political class’s convenience … Continue reading

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Mayday PAC

Mayday PAC raises money to back campaign finance reform minded candidates. Here is what they say about their plans: We launched two crowdfunded campaigns. We met our first $1M goal in only 13 days. That $1M was matched by technology … Continue reading

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