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Funding the Government – Act IV

Rep. Capuano (D-MA) wrote on January 26, 2018: On Monday the House and Senate passed a fourth short-term spending bill to reopen the federal government, this time through Thursday February 8th. While round 4 of the budget battle is over – round … Continue reading

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Do Republicans control the government?

If Republicans control the government, why can’t they enact legislation? This question is often asked. The government entities involved are the House, Senate, and Executive Branch (the courts are supposedly nonpartisan). Republicans have majorities in House and Senate, which gives … Continue reading

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Do we care about taxes?

With our budget vote I am standing with the 99 percent who will see a tax break with a (possible future) compromise on the state and local tax deduction.–Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY-23) (facebook, Oct. 26, 2017) Eliminating the SALT deduction will … Continue reading

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Rep. Capuano (D-MA) on Trump’s budget

The answer to how Steve Mnuchin and Mick Mulvaney spent Thursday on Capitol Hill giving very opposed explanations of President Donald Trump’s tax plan is that there isn’t really much of a plan at all yet.–Politico   Budget In March … Continue reading

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Two views on the budget

Rep. Capulano (D-MA) writes: Today the House took the first step toward repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with S. Con. Res. 3, the Fiscal Year 2017 Republican Budget Resolution. As you know, House Republicans have been voting for years … Continue reading

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When Rep. Reed says he cares …

I voted in support of the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act because I care about keeping Americans safe by keeping terrorists out of our country. — Tom Reed Tom Reed may care more about embarrassing our President and our … Continue reading

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Balanced Budget Baloney

You balance your budget and live within your means. Washington should do the same.–Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) Is Tom right to link a balanced budget to “living within your means? Certainly not. An individual might take on debt to buy … Continue reading

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