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NYS GOP Primary–Procedures and Politics

On April 19 we will have the  opportunity to have our voices effect the Presidential races in the New York State Federal Primary.  In an October article, NYS Presidential Primary Info, the NewNY23rd predicted: “By the time our primaries are held, there … Continue reading

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Ben Carson cites 12 reasons to vote for him

Because you believe just as I do …–Ben Carson A political mailing came addressed to me today from Ben Carson. Carson kindly included a picture of himself. Carson assured me that we share each others views. He included a Newsmax … Continue reading

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The War Hawks are back

I’m suggesting (we) change our posture … from a military superpower to a humanitarian superpower.–Howard Zinn Sebastian Payne and Robert Costa, writing for the Washington Post, give many examples of hawkish statements by Republicans. Here is a sample from the … Continue reading

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