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How we got where we are

Trump was using Ukraine as a plaything for his own purposes — Fiona Hill quoted by Robert Draper Robert Draper, interviewing Fiona Hill, reports missteps by several US Administrations with respect to V. Putin in The New York Times Magazine. … Continue reading

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Destruction of Our Values or Uncaring Electorate?

 The first letter presented has recently been published three times in three local newspapers–the Penn Yan Chronicle-Express, The (Dundee) Observer and the Finger Lakes Times (Geneva).   The second letter presented was published soon after the first in each paper.  It … Continue reading

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 The following was written by Gary McCaslin, a retired American Baptist minister and resident of Corning, NY. It was first published in the Corning Leader on Sunday, October 13, 2013. It is reprined here with permission of the author. Representative Tom … Continue reading

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Geneva Listening Session on Syria

I was at the Rep. Reed’s “Listening Meeting” in Geneva on Tuesday afternoon. I counted around 30 people in the crowd. Reed started the session by praising President Obama for requesting that Congress weigh-in on his decision of having limited … Continue reading

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Rep Reed: Please Look at All Aspects of the Syrian Crisis Carefully

I appreciate that Rep. Reed will be listening to constituents’ thoughts on the Syria situation. He must realize that we do not have the background information, the different options with pros and cons, or a list of possible repercussions if … Continue reading

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An Angry, Frustrated Constituent, Part 1

The following is a transcript from a videotape of Rep. Tom Reed’s (R, NY-23) Town Hall meeting held on May 11, 2013 in Manchester (Ontario County). The woman was angry and frustrated with life events that she no control over. … Continue reading

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