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SAFE Act approved by Federal Court of Appeals–What’s Next?

On Monday (10/19/15), the Second Circuit Court of Appeals released their opinion on the constitutionality of the New York State “SAFE Act” and Connecticut’s “Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety Act”. The Court upheld lower courts’ decisions that New York’s … Continue reading

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What Do We Do If We Don’t Like A Law?

According to SCOPE we ignore it. And we encourage others to ignore it. “We believe the law is unconstitutional and therefore there is no duty to obey an unconstitutional law.” Chris Edes, Chair of  the Monroe County Chapter of SCOPE,. Edes … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s Advice to Assault Weapons Owners

Under the New York State’s SAFE Act, assault weapons need to be registered with the police by  Tuesday, April 15. The law forbids selling or purchasing assault weapons in New York State, or to bring those weapons into the state. … Continue reading

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What the SAFE Act “Repealers” Won’t Tell You

This article was written by Leah Gunn Barrett,  executive director of the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund. I read it in the (Dunkirk) Observer on January 19. The NY SAFE Act, … Continue reading

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No Change on Gun Control from Rep. Reed

At his appearance in Penn Yan on Saturday, Rep. Reed affirmed that he is not shifting his position on gun control, despite the carnage among the little children of Newtown, Connecticut.  It’s an emotional time for everyone, according to Rep. … Continue reading

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