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Tom Reed once again proposes welfare reform

In New York, the Affordable Care Act accounted for about $3.7 billion a year for increased Medicaid coverage. A repeal of the act could affect 2.7 million New York residents, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.– FLT article by Steve Buchiere … Continue reading

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Reed: Supreme Court Ignores Legislation with ACA Ruling

“I am disappointed by the ruling (King v. Burwell). Obamacare has been flawed from the very beginning, and as a Congress we need to make every effort to repeal the law.” — Tom Reed (Yet Tom Reed’s motto once was … Continue reading

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Ten reasons to vote for Martha Robertson rather than Tom Reed

Please vote for me if you agree with me at least half the time.–Martha Robertson “Republican Rep. Tom Reed nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last time.”–Nathan L. Gonzales, Rothenberg Political Report Martha is a Democrat. Tom is part of the … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed Calls for ‘Scrapping’ Health Care

The following was written by George Koutsos of Martha Robertson’s Campaign Congressman Reed’s Republican Weekly Address Calls For ‘Scrapping’ Health Care; Seniors will pay more for Medicare, those with pre-existing conditions and children up to age 26 could lose coverage … Continue reading

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Canadian Health Care System Myths

Probably the most talked about bill that passed during President Obama’s first term was the Affordable Care Act ( ACA for short, but commonly known as Obamacare.) There was a hugh push against it, and long discussions while the Supreme … Continue reading

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