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Max Della Pia’s position on the issues

Max writes: Here’s what I stand for: Here’s an overview of the issues I will prioritize as a representative: Safety net: A struggling family could find themselves homeless quickly & without fault. There needs to be a viable safety net. … Continue reading

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NY-23 Spedial Election Candidates Della Pia and Sempolinski explain their views

Read the candidates views here: Max Della Pia Joe Sempolinski

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Right to Privacy

“Roe isn’t really about the woman’s choice, is it?” Ginsburg said. “It’s about the doctor’s freedom to practice…it wasn’t woman-centered, it was physician-centered.” If the right to privacy means anything, it is the right of the individual, married or single, to … Continue reading

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More political debates — please

This article was written by Michael Fitzgerald, and published in the Finger Lakes Times on Sunday, September 23, in his WRITE ON column   The best political news in weeks — maybe months — was published right here in the … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood vs. Rep. Tom Reed

The “War On Women” was a rallying cry during the 2012 Campaign which focused on the Republican Party policies which were collectively seen as an assault on Women’s Rights. The Democrats pointed to the GOP’s legislation in the areas of violence … Continue reading

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Why Red and Blue?

Why are some States red and some States blue? Is there a feedback mechanism in politics that promotes and maintains polarization? One candidate is fear. Why is NY-23 predominately Republican when NYS is predominately Democratic? The answer is fear–Western NY … Continue reading

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Abortion by the Numbers

Margaret Talbot, writing in the Feb. 17th & 24th issue of the New Yorker, discusses the declining rate of abortions in the United States.  Talbot’s article is titled Reading the Numbers. Citing last week’s Guttmacher Institute report, Talbot writes: Particularly … Continue reading

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Further Thoughts on the Texas Abortion Decision: Framing the Question

I don’t want to get preachy, or debate religion, but I found this article a breath of fresh air in the political world that surrounds us. The portion I selected is the end of the article, a summary you might … Continue reading

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Will Washington Follow Ohio & Texas?

This Comic was reblogged from the article, “Republicans After Abortion” from the ‘Monsters and Fools’ blog. (http://monstersandfools.com/2013/06/30/republicans-after-abortion/) Hearing the recent Pro-Life legislative activity in Texas and Ohio makes me worried about the future of our country. One has to wonder … Continue reading

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Using my Republican Scholarship to Pay for an Abortion

Originally posted on Life in words:
No, dad, I am not a Republican *gasp*.  I can imagine he would disown me on the spot if I told him that.  But really.  I’m not a Republican.  I don’t like that some…

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