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Mike Pence for Speaker of the House

Congress should consider electing Mike Pence as Speaker of the House. The Speaker need not be a member. Electing Pence, a Republican, would be consistent with a Republican majority. Pence has experience in the House–he was a member from 2001 … Continue reading

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My day as a poll worker

Election Day was uneventful, nothing untoward happened. Everyone who came voted, except for a few who came to the wrong place. There were no long lines, no poll watchers, no voter challenged. There were a few cases of questionable registration; … Continue reading

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Why are some Americans election deniers?

The white majority is fading, the economy is changing and there’s a pervasive sense of loss in districts where Republicans fought the outcome of the 2020 election. An article by Michael H. Keller and David D. Kirkpatrick in The New York Times explores … Continue reading

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Reproductive Freedom

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NY-23 Party Affiliation for the Nov. Election

NY-23 Party Affiliation for the Nov. Election Democrats Republicans Unaffiliated Total 165 201 120 530 31% 38% 23% Registered voters (1000s)

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Max Della Pia and Nicholas Langworthy answer questions

When we try to curb the surges of unchanging human nature, or to quench a conflagration with an act of legislature … we are every bit as foolish as I’ll prove to any jury, as those enterprising beavers when they … Continue reading

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Rep. Tenney’s Sponsored Legislation

Bills introduced by Rep. Tenney since June 2022. All will die at the end of the year. 1. H.Res.1436 — 117th Congress (2021-2022)Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that New York State’s Concealed Carry Improvement Act is unconstitutional.Sponsor:Tenney, Claudia [Rep.-R-NY-22] (Introduced … Continue reading

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New York Republicans shift right

What is clearly happening on both sides is turnover: New York is losing a slew of Republican and Democratic House members this year, along with one of its 27 seats due to reapportionment. Nine House members elected in 2020 — … Continue reading

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NY-23 before and after the 2020 Census

Note, all numbers (except percentages) are in thousands. After the 2020 census, NY-23 shifted west, losing Tompkins and Tioga Counties and adding Erie County suburbs. Year Dem Rep Con WF Rep&Con Dem&WF 2021 133 161 8 2 169 135 2022 … Continue reading

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Destroyed by President Trump

Truth in politics Politicians’ lies, even flagrant lies, no longer matter. Far more are fooled all of the time than Lincoln may have imagined. The Constitution’s Emoluments Clause The Emoluments Clause is moot. There is no means for enforcement except … Continue reading

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