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Living Without Regulations

We all probably know Snow Birds that leave the NY 23rd in the winter for warmer climates, mainly to Florida, Arizona, Texas or California. Two friends of mine have been going further south for their three month winter hiatus. This years they … Continue reading

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Finger Lakes a National Heritage Area?

“Federal Backing…Local Brainpower…Local Passion” We live in a historical, culturally significant region that needs to be recognized and preserved. We are in an area that is rich with natural beauty with parks, waterfalls, gorges, hiking, and  boating. We are a … Continue reading

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What the EPA really said

The following the article was written by Michael Fitzgerald and was published in his June 12 Finger Lakes Times column “Write On”, (which appears Fridays). On Friday, Mr. Fitzgerald’s 2014 novel, “The Fracking War”  was awarded best General Fiction at the Green Book … Continue reading

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Property rights vs. human rights

..nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.–Fifth Amendment …nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law…–Fourteenth Amendment As with the Second Amendment, some would read only … Continue reading

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Tom Reed loses his cool

Rather, King Cuomo caved to downstate special interests and closed any possibility of New York leading the nation…–Rep. Tom Reed King Cuomo? Really Tom, isn’t that an exaggeration? (In case you missed it, Tom used that phrase twice.) Andrew Cuomo … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio on the State of the Union

“That taxing successful people, over-regulating job creators and pouring money into outdated government programs doesn’t actually help struggling people.”–Marco Rubio What can Rubio mean? Does he favor an America with a few successful people deserving government support and a much … Continue reading

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Conservative to Reed: Why did we vote for you?

Rep. Tom Reed’s second town hall meeting on Saturday, December 12 was in Stanley, Town of Seneca (Ontario County). A relatively small crowd, about 20 to 25, came to listen/talk to our congressman. We had the regular routine of the Pledge … Continue reading

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Impossible demands

There are many victories in this (budget) proposal….On balance it is a victory for taxpayers–Tom Reed Has the GOP done itself in with rightist rhetoric? A constant barrage of advertising has had an impact. Part of the GOP base and … Continue reading

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EPA’s Science Advisory Board and HR 1422

The is the second in a series of articles about the Environmental Protection Agency. The first one detailed the EPA’s beginnings and goals. The Environment Protection Agency’s role is to protect human life and the environment by writing and enforcing … Continue reading

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Evaluating Legislation

It is often difficult to evaluate legislation to determine its true purpose: The title of a bill is often misleading The purpose of the bill may be misstated The text of the bill may not be clear. Here is an … Continue reading

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