Robert Reich on Debt Ceiling Myths

At a speech at the New York Stock Exchange yesterday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy affirmed the Republican’s plan to use the rapidly approaching debt-ceiling deadline to extract spending cuts and other policy concessions from President Biden. Put simply, they plan on holding the American (and world) economy hostage. Yet the media continues to hide this truth behind its “both sides” reporting.–Robert Reich

Three whoppers peddled by the GOP and repeated by the mainstream media:

  • Both sides are to blame. 
  • The fight is over controlling the national debt.
  • When it comes to the national debt, both parties have been fiscally irresponsible. 

Read the truth here.

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2 Responses to Robert Reich on Debt Ceiling Myths

  1. annieasksyou says:

    Reich is spot-on, and the stakes are scarily high. I just linked to this post on MockPaperScissors’ latest installment of “K-Mac Is Really Bad at His Job.”


  2. whungerford says:

    Thanks for you comment and the boost, Annie. I was particularly struck by Robert Reich’s observation that myths had crept into more than right-leaning media.


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