Election Integrity

Election Integrity

The House Election Integrity Caucus, with about sixty members, all Republicans, publishes an annual report. This report is for 2021-2122. It includes a list of recommendations. Here they are:

  1. Ensure Election Day doesn’t become Election Month.
  2. Require voter identification when requesting mail-in ballots.
  3. Maintain updated and accurate voter rolls.
  4. Pass the “American Confidence in Elections Act.”

Election Month: Sure votes should be counted as quickly as they can, but there will be delays in reporting, particularly in close races. Mail-in ballots can be counted in advance of Election Day, when state laws permit.

Voter Identification: Voters provide identification when they register to vote. Nothing more is necessary. In particular, in the case of requesting a mail-in ballot, mailing a copy of an ID is no more than a hinderance–there is nothing to check except that it’s there.

Accurate voter rolls: Boards of Election do maintain voter rolls as best they can. Some say voter rolls include too many ineligible voters. There is a system for detecting this–ERIC, “Election Registration Information Center,” which helps identify voters who have died or moved. Reportedly, 32 states and the District of Columbia participate. ERIC is said to be effective, but under political pressure some red states refuse to join or may drop out. (NYS, a blue state, isn’t a member.)

The “American Confidence in Elections Act.” (117th Congress) is H.R. 8528; there is no CRS Summary. Here is what the Election Integrity Caucus says about it:

Drafted in coordination with the Election Integrity Caucus, this legislation protects our elections and pushes back against misguided and unconstitutional efforts to centralize control in Washington. In addition to banning Zuckerbucks and nullifying President Biden’s Executive Order 14019, the ACE Act would also provide states with new tools to boost election integrity, restrict partisan vote harvesting, end same-day voter registration, and require photo voter identification.

The “American Confidence in Elections Act.” is likely to be reintroduced and passed by the House in 2023.

(Zuckerbucks is a derogatory reference to private financial contribution to local boards of election in the public interest.)


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2 Responses to Election Integrity

  1. josephurban says:

    Wouldn’t you think by now that the GOP would have shown us all the evidence of election fraud? Wonder why they are hiding it from us !!


  2. whungerford says:

    I think they would if they had it, Joseph.


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