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Woke and Wokeness

“Woke” has quickly become the most ubiquitous weapon word in American politics. Republicans use the term as a pejorative term to describe Democratic or progressive policies in general. Increasingly, everything Republicans don’t like gets described as woke, and wokeness has become … Continue reading

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Numerical Control

There is a bright future ahead for Corning Community College’s Computer Numerical Control Programming students. The future is tech and these programs are fostering growth in a rapidly growing field. — Rep. Langworthy, facebook 3/20/23 “The future is tech” is … Continue reading

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Even George Santos can be a member of Congress

Even George Santos can be a member of Congress, as long as his vote is needed. Those who want others to pull themselves up by their bootstraps generally ain’t poor. No one is above the law, unless it be an … Continue reading

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Rep. Molinaro on the Federal Budget

Appropriations and financing debt are two different things.–Vaughn Golden They’re not two different things.–Rep. Molinaro The speaker is made clear to the President that we’re not taking up what you what the world refers to as a clean bill.–Rep. Molinaro … Continue reading

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Paycheck Fairness Act

On Equal Pay Day 2023—March 14th—we look at the current state of the gender pay gap: Women working full-time, year-round are paid 84 cents, and all earners (including part-time and seasonal) are paid 77 cents on average for every dollar … Continue reading

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Rep. Langworthy, Balanced Budget, National Debt

Anyone who makes alarmist claims about debt by talking about trillions of dollars as opposed to, say, percentages of gross domestic product, is engaged in scare tactics, not serious discussion.–Paul Krugman, “The future of taxes” “We have to get spending … Continue reading

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How to spin a poll

A Siena College Poll was conducted February 19-23, 2023, among 744 New York State registered voters. The conclusion, reflected in a relevant headline, is this: “Voters Strongly Support 4 Hochul Budget Proposals; 2 Get Strong Bipartisan Support; 2 Opposed.” Here … Continue reading

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Election Integrity

Election Integrity The House Election Integrity Caucus, with about sixty members, all Republicans, publishes an annual report. This report is for 2021-2122. It includes a list of recommendations. Here they are: Election Month: Sure votes should be counted as quickly … Continue reading

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Executive Orders

Executive Orders by President President Term Total Orders Avg/year Years in office Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) Total 3,721 307 12.12 Harry S. Truman (D) Total 907 117 7.78   I 504 133 3.78   II 403 101 4.00 Dwight D. … Continue reading

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Speaker McCarthy has a problem

On February 26th, the House considered two relatively inconsequential measures:  H. Res. 132 — “Responding to the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria on February 6, 2023” and  H.R. 538 — “To require the disclosure of a camera or recording capability in certain … Continue reading

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