Rep. Tenney in Medina, NY

On Feb. 13, Ron Plants reported for WGRZ.

On Monday afternoon Republican Representative Claudia Tenney fielded questions from small business people and GOP supporters in the Village of Medina.

She fielded questions, but didn’t answer many. Asked about divisiveness, Tenney said:

“I think Republicans have their own group of people that are more vocal than others and then there are people that wanna dig into the nuts and bolts and get things done. and not be performance artists so to speak. And so I know I consider myself one of those people that I’m excited about being on a committee like Ways and Means- the most powerful committee arguably in Congress – where my skill set is actually ideal for this as a small business owner and former bank and tax attorney.”

So Rep. Tenney eschews divisiveness and wants to “get things done;” who knew? Here are two recent facebook posts:

As a result of President Biden’s FAILED border policies, in January alone, our Southern Border hit 156,274 illegal crossings. That’s more than the populations of Oswego, Auburn, Lockport, Batavia, and Watertown combined in a SINGLE month. This is a crisis.–facebook, Feb. 14

The United States has now shot down a fourth object. President Biden has yet to address the nation to explain the threat we are facing. The White House’s lack of transparency is inexcusable. The American people deserve answers now.–facebook, Feb. 13

When asked by WGRZ: Do you fear though that he (Trump) could be a bit more divisive just as we saw again with the Congressional elections as to how they played out – especially for the Republicans? Tenney replied:

“Well there’s always going to be an issue with the Republicans but there isn’t any party more divisive than the Democrats. I can’t think of a more divisive President than President Biden,” Tenney said. 

Asked about “political infighting,” Tenney replied:What Marjorie Taylor Green does or AOC and all these people They represent a different constituency than I do and the Republicans will have to sort that out.

According to Rep. Tenney, Democrats are divisive, President Biden is the most divisive, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is comparable to Rep. Greene.

Rep. Tenney’s responses to questions typically reflect whataboutism–responding to a difficult question by raising a different issue. Asked about Republicans, she accuses Democrats.


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