Rep. Langworthy’s bills


I will always fight to protect the American Dream and ensure that government helps, not hurts our job-creators.–Rep. Langworthy, facebook 02/13/23

The Defund the Police movement is alive and well in New York. I will always fight to restore law and order and protect to our men and women in law enforcement.–Rep. Langworthy, facebook 02/11/23

The crisis at our Southern Border may seem far, but it is hurting those most vulnerable in Western New York and the Southern Tier. We must fight to stop this.–Rep. Langworthy, facebook 02/11/23

Nick talks a good fight, I think.

Rep. Langworthy’s bills

As of Feb. 2, 2023, Rep. Langworthy (R-NY) has cosponsored 18 bills and sponsored one: H.R.426. Five of these bills have passed the House, four on party-line votes. It is unlikely that any will become law. Here are the five which passed:

H.R.139SHOW UP Act of 2023221-206
H.R. 26Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act220-210
H.R. 23Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act221-210
H.R. 22Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act331-97
H.R. 21Strategic Production Response Act221-205
Cosponsored bills passed House as of 02/02/2023

The one bill sponsored by Rep. Langworthy is H.R.426 Lakes Before Turbines Act, with no cosponsors.

CRS Summary or H.R. 426: “This bill eliminates the energy-related tax credit for investment in certain offshore wind facilities after 2022.”

So much for Nick’s “All of the above” energy policy talk.


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2 Responses to Rep. Langworthy’s bills

  1. Anne says:

    The “born alive” bill is especially illustrative of Nick’s intellectual wingspan: addressing a problem that doesn’t exist, a condition that doesn’t happen. But! Why waste a good screed, when you have the chance to maybe fire up the base over nonsense?


  2. whungerford says:

    Thanks for your comment Anne; I agree. The cosponsored bills which haven’t yet passed the House are similar. Here is the list of them:


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