Think before acting

Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other, and scarce in that.― Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack

In Travels with Herodotus, Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuściński tells the story of a Mogul Ruler, Hulagu Kahn (1216-1265) as I remember, who was asked to kill all the file makers. Before acting, he wanted to know how many file makers his army needed.

Before revoking a rule, Republican politicians ought to ask why it is there and when they might need it. Before embracing extremists or foolish ideas, they ought to consider the possible consequences.

Promoting radical ideas may create a backlash. Unworkable House rules, empowering extremists, divisive theatrics, culture war, Congressional term limits, balanced budget, low taxes for the rich, defunding the IRS, demonizing China, ignoring climate change, promoting fracking, excusing insurrection, threatening default on debt, government shutdown, cutting Social Security and Medicare, and the like might come back to bite, if there is a groundswell of support among Republicans and others for such foolish ideas.

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2 Responses to Think before acting

  1. annieasksyou says:

    I would love to think some will listen to your wise warning, but performative blathering excess seems to be the style du jour—not at all countered by so-called “moderates” or “conservatives.”

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  2. whungerford says:

    Thanks for your comment Annie. “Performative blathering excess” sums it up well.


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