The Party of Panaceas

What they’re really interested in is chaos.… They want to throw sand in the gears of the hated federal government until it fails and they’ve finally proved that it’s beyond saving.” And they are tied tightly to right-wing media: “Every time they vote down a bill, they get another invitation to go on Fox News or talk radio,” he said. “Its a narcissistic—and dangerous—feedback loop.–Former Speaker John Boehner

The GOP planted seeds for failure decades ago by embracing extremists and extremism.

  • Conservative Policies
  • Federalism
  • Originalism
  • Regular Order
  • Term Limits
  • Balanced Budgets
  • Laissez-faire
  • Trickle Down
  • Supply Side

These and similar ideas are panaceas–naive ideas that supposedly will solve all problems and cure all ills. GOP misleaders should know better than to embrace foolish ideas.

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2 Responses to The Party of Panaceas

  1. annieasksyou says:

    Hear! Hear, William! A smart and succinct description of the devolution of the Republican Party. The contrast between the united Democrats—legislating for the greater good—and the “winning” Republicans unable to agree on a speaker because they’re being held hostage by Insurrectionists seeking chaos could not be sharper. A sad and dangerous situation for our country.

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  2. josephurban says:

    GOP leaders? There are none. They follow. They follow Trump or they follow the basest of their base. Real leaders have vision and morality and convince their people to follow. These guys are knee-jerk jerks who respond to the loudest kid in the class.

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