Michigan and New York

Michigan Congressional Districts 2022
New York Congressional Districts 2022

Michigan and New York have much in common.

  • Both have a Southern Tier and a large rural North
  • Each has a large metropolitan area: Detroit and NYC.
  • Both have strong, female governors.
  • Both will have two Senators who are Democrats.
  • In both, voters preferred Democrats and Republicans in nearly equal numbers.

There are differences

  • Michigan elected a Democratic state House and Senate just this November
  • New York has had a Democratic Assembly, Senate, and governor for several years.
  • Michigan has had one woman Senator, New York has had two.
  • New York’s laws protect women’s health; Michigan had the issue on the ballot in November.

Midterm Election Results were similar, although Michigan has a smaller population.

PartyMichiganNew York
Congressional Seats by Party

Redistricting in Michigan was done by a non-partisan commission. Redistricting in New York was done by a court-appointed master. Here’s how that came out:

StateVotes for Democrats for CongressVotes for Republicans for CongressDemocrats electedRepublicans elected
Michigan…2,183,000 (51%)2,077,000 (49%)7 (53%)6 (47%)
New York2,960,000 (54%)2,497.000 (46%)15 (58%)11 (42%)
Popular vote / Reps elected

In both states, Democrats came out ahead in the popular vote for Representatives and more ahead in the number of Representatives elected. Democrats did somewhat better in New York than in Michigan. Turnout was low in metro districts: MI-12, 13, NY-14, 15.


  • Michigan’s population is half the size of New York’s, yet nearly as many voted in Michigan as in New York.
  • Michigan’s high turnout, possibly motivated by the abortion issue, gave Michigan a political trifecta.
  • Non-partisan redistricting in Michigan and court-ordered redistricting in New York gave similar results.


  • Votes for NYS Rep. Espaillat, who ran unopposed, were omitted.
  • Metro districts have high numbers in Michigan, low numbers in NYS
  • In both states congressional districts outside the metro areas are reasonably compact, NY-24 is an exception.
  • Election data reported by “The New York Times.”
  • MI district one looks large on the map, because it is stretched to include Isle Royale, where there are no voters.

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