Campaign like a Republican

Some common campaign tactics:

  1. Hide your unpopular political views.
  2. Tell just part of the story.
  3. Echo “alternative facts.”
  4. Disparage your opponent.
  5. Put words in your opponent’s mouth.
  6. Blame you opponent for unfortunate facts, however irrelevant.
  7. Run on platitudes.
  8. Post articles with misleading headlines; misrepresent their contents.
  9. Run against officials in unrelated government offices.
  10. Claim expertise when you lack relevant experience or eduction.
  11. “Define deviancy down.” (Make excuses for other Republicans.)
  12. Make promises you can’t possibly keep.

Don’t be fooled by political propaganda. Vote wisely, avoid voter’s remorse.


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3 Responses to Campaign like a Republican

  1. Gary Perry says:

    The President’s basic message is “vote for Democrats and let’s keep this party going”
    Most people are concerned about the high inflation, high energy costs, 2 to 3 million illegal aliens crossing the southern border annually and throwing billions of dollars to Ukraine moving us closer to a potential nuclear exchange with Russia instead of forcing Ukraine into a ceasefire/peace deal with Russia.

    Too many Dems are concerned with weaponizing the Jan. 6th riots and labeling Registered Republicans as MEGA MAGA Republicans while ignoring inflation, billion dollar green economy deficit spending labeled as The Inflation Reduction Act, high crime across much of the country and high drug overdose deaths and continuing human trafficking caused by our open southern border policy.

    Scare mongering that our “Democracy” will end if we elect Republicans does not appear to be working this go around.
    Dems and Biden calling out the elections being stolen for the past 3 to 4 weeks in combination with Hillary saying there are MEGA MAGA Republicans working right now to steal the 2024 Presidential elections does not seem to be a winning strategy.


  2. whungerford says:

    In your three paragraphs, Gary, I think you gave examples of many of the twelve practices.


  3. GaryI Perry says:

    This entire I terrier is worth listening to but the part that hits the nail on the head is the last two minutes

    The Democrat Party wants freedom of speech but only if they agree with what is being said.
    This Sunday morning I listened to 2 hours of Democrats and Democrat political pundits on FOX Sunday Morning, ABC, NBC AND CBS telling us that if we don’t vote Democrat on the 8th Democracy will be over in the US.


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