Talking Points

“Carthago delenda est!” The Roman statesman, Cato the Elder ended his political speeches with this phrase, even if his speech had nothing to do with Carthage.

Politicians say anything they hope will sway public opinion. Here are some current examples from facebook:

  1. Shame on Joe Biden for putting America’s national security at risk to try and hide his disastrous energy policy & score a few more votes before Election Day. Americans are smart & will see this for the desperate, power-hungry, disgraceful action that it is. — Nicholas Langworthy Nov. 2 He refers to release of oil from the strategic reserve.
  2. Home heating costs are forecasted to skyrocket📈 this winter and what is Joe and co. doing about it? Absolutely nothing. We have resources right here in #NY23 that would bring costs down and create jobs. Let’s get it done! — Nicholas Langworthy Nov. 2 He advocates for fracking which is irrelevant at least in the short-term.
  3. We can’t afford another two years of open borders. Fentanyl is the single-deadliest drug our nation has ever encountered and it’s pouring through our open borders thanks to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. We need to stop this scourge & it starts with this year’s election! — Nicholas Langworthy Nov. 2 According to the Cato Institute, fentanyl is overwhelmingly smuggled by U.S. citizens almost entirely for U.S. citizen consumers.
  4. Thanks to rising prices under President Biden, half of older women who live alone and 45% of men are now classified as “poor” & cannot afford essential expenses. — Claudia Tenney Nov. 2 She deceptively refers to a 2019 report
  5. Even after raising taxes on American energy producers by $25 billion, President Biden is now threatening a new tax on energy.. — Claudia Tenney She deceptively alludes to a proposed windfall tax on profits.
  6. When Jimmy Carter tried a windfall profits tax, it reduced domestic oil production by as much as 8% & increased US dependence on foreign oil by 13%. — Claudia Tenney Nov. 2  The current proposal also applies to imports; the 1980 law did not.

Some will believe (B), some will disbelieve (D), some won’t care (X). If B+X > D, shady politicians will be satisfied with their propaganda. Important issues, preserving democracy, economic security, justice for all, will go unaddressed.


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2 Responses to Talking Points

  1. annieasksyou says:

    Also worth noting that President Biden is appealing to oil cos to use some of their record, astonishingly abundant profits to reduce costs, and the results of the Inflation Reduction Act will begin to kick in next year. No Republicans voted for it; they make a lot of noise but have no solutions beyond failed supply side economics.

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  2. whungerford says:

    Thanks for your comment Annie. There is a lot of political noise. The noisemakers expect it to produce votes. Voters should be able to tell which politicians are “desperate, power-hungry, and disgraceful.”


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