Max Della Pia and Nicholas Langworthy answer questions

When we try to curb the surges of unchanging human nature, or to quench a conflagration with an act of legislature … we are every bit as foolish as I’ll prove to any jury, as those enterprising beavers when they dammed the big Missouri.–Arthur Guiterman

Max Della Pia on the GOP plan to make Social Security & Medicare up for reauthorization every 1-5 years:

I can’t imagine how cruel it is to someone who depends solely on Social Security to hear that. They would wonder every year if they were going to have money for rent and medicine.

Nick Langworthy on firearm violence:

More laws are not the answer. We need to tackle the issue of mental health and it has been ignored for far too long. When we have a tragedy, so many people on the left run to ban guns from law-abiding gun owners.

I watched the TV debate and took notes.

First, it wasn’t a debate–the candidates took turns answering questions.

Second, the format wasn’t conducive to thoughtful answers; sixty seconds allowed for little more than talking points, and fifteen or thirty seconds wasn’t enough for rebuttal.

I found questions about NYS issues unfair, cash bail for example. Only one candidate attacks NYS Government.

One candidate disparaged a number of women–Gov. Hochul, VP Kamala Harris, Speaker Pelosi, former Sec. Hillary Clinton. I believe this reflects sexism.

One candidate complained about intractable issues, on which legislative action is unlikely–inflation, crime, immigration.

It was good that Langworthy was challenged when he dodged questions, but many of his wild assertions –Obamacare increased medical expenses, Hillary Clinton still thinks she won– went unchallenged.

I noted some striking differences of opinion:

QuestionDella PiaLangworthy
AbortionGovt. should stay out of women’s health decisions.Prolife. Wouldn’t answer on support for Federal ban.
InflationInflation Reduction Act will help.Blamed reckless spending. Called IRA lunacy.
Firearm ViolenceUniversal background checks.Study causes, blames lack of mental health.
Student DebtFavors relief.Opposes relief.
Southern borderAdequately fund efficient processing of legal immigrants.Finish the wall.
HealthcareFavors quality health care for all. Reduce cost of administration.Attacked Sen. Sanders. Criticized Obamacare.
UkraineCongress should vote on future action.Limit intervention to funding.
Jan 6thAct to prevent recurrence.Dems obsessed with Trump.
Responses to some questions

Like the debate, the above list is sketchy.


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