Max Della Pia’s position on the issues

NY-23 for the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022

Max writes: Here’s what I stand for:

Here’s an overview of the issues I will prioritize as a representative:

Safety net: A struggling family could find themselves homeless quickly & without fault. There needs to be a viable safety net. Not a handout, but a hand up. No one deserves to be homeless.

Gun safety: As a veteran I believe in the value of the 2nd amendment. However, with gun rights should come great responsibility and common-sense gun policy:

Abortion: People have a Constitutional right to control their reproductive lives. Abortions should remain safe and legal.

Healthcare: We need to improve access to healthcare especially in rural areas. People should not live in constant fear of losing everything to hospital bills or becoming a second class citizen if they become disabled. 

Equal rights for all: Republicans are trying to move us hundreds of years into history. My daughter is a trans woman. Are they going to come and tell her who she can love and who she can be? I don’t think so, not if I have anything to say about it.

Protecting Democracy: During my service in the Air Force I traveled to places where people can only dream of having the freedoms we sometimes take for granted. Free elections and peaceful transitions of power are non-negotiable.

I think representatives should be normal people who want to do right by their constituents. I promise that in Congress, I will stand up for you. We need to improve our fundraising to win this election. Will you donate $10 or more to fuel our campaign?

Don’t miss the debate on Tuesday October 18.


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3 Responses to Max Della Pia’s position on the issues

  1. GaryI Perry says:

    I think everybody can agree with all of those positions so much so that we already have all of those policies in place.
    These positions are lacking any details that might differentiate this candidate from any other candidates.


  2. whungerford says:

    Thanks for your comment Gary. I can’t agree that “we already have all of those policies in place.” I do agree that the statements are sketchy, but I haven’t seen a similarly informative position statement from Nick Langworthy.

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  3. GaryI Perry says:

    Safety net:
    NY State has a very good public assistance network in place. Rent assistance, health insurance and food assistance are readily available for those in need of assistance.

    Gun Safety;
    NY State has plenty of firearm restrictions and regulations in place. I would argue that some of these new laws are unconstitutional.
    There is certainly no shortage of “common sense” gun laws in N Y State.

    NY State has some of the most progressive abortion laws in the country.
    Abortion is not a Right enumerated in the US Constitution which makes it a State’s Rights issue.

    NY State has a publicly funded Healthcare system in place that based on inco.e as well as having a Medicare system for those in need.

    Equal Rights;
    Everyone in NY State has equal Rights.
    Can you name any current laws that discriminate against any minorities?

    Protecting Democracy;
    I am not aware of any State legislation or proposed legislation that would endanger the Democratic election process that would endanger legal citizens from electing candidates in elections.
    I would like to point out that the United States is not a Democracy.
    It is a Constitutionally protected Representative Republic.
    NY State also operates in much the same manner.
    Representatives are elected to vote on legislation .


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