Max Della Pia speaks at The Park Church

We need leaders who will fight for all of us. Max has spent a lifetime putting service above self, and he won’t stop in Washington, but he needs our help to get him there. Will you help?–Max Della Pia

Congressional candidate Max Della Pia addressed an audience of about thirty people at The Park Church in Elmira on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022. I took notes:

Max, a Democrat, is running in the new NY-23 district in the November general election against Republican Nick Langworthy.

Max, a retired Air Force Colonel and a lawyer, said he was concerned for democratic government and is motivated by his long-standing commitment to service. He said he chooses to work with others rather than pick fights. He seeks to restore confidence in our government with team-building based on mutual respect.

Regarding the recent special election, Max said his campaign was outspent thirty to one, yet beat the odds coming within six percent of winning. The special election was in the old NY-23 district. Max is optimistic about his chances in the general election in the new NY-23 district, provided that those favoring his ideas turn out to vote.

Max would protect American’s freedom, which he believes are threatened by a possible Republican majority in the House. Specifically he mentioned women’s rights, family rights to privacy, and marriage equality.

Asked in an interview about possibilities for bipartisan cooperation, Max gave three examples:

  • He said a veteran was given needed transportation to an appointment across three counties by helpful police officers. He lauded their concern and initiative, but added that veterans should not have to rely on charity to keep appointments.
  • He said immigration policy needs revamping. While he doesn’t favor open borders, he does favor speedy consideration of migrants’ status and reasonable provisions for migrant workers to fill the need for farm labor.
  • He is concerned about understaffing in upstate hospitals. He favors measures to make working here attractive:

Here’s how he said one might help his campaign:

  • Make phone calls. The process is simple: a computer dials the phone, displays information about the voter, and suggests a message. People called are Democrats who vote regularly. Available training is quick and easy.
  • Mail postcards. Cards and address labels are provided. One needs to stick on labels and add postage ($44.00 for one hundred cards).
  • Donate at Max Della Pia for Congress.

Max answered questions from the audience:

  • Asked about affordable housing and homelessness, Max said he favored making it possible and convenient for people to use available housing. He suggested government help with medical expenses, which he said were a significant cause of homelessness.
  • Asked how to begin to tell the truth in a world of lies, he said he would sometimes point out a lack of truthfulness; but preferred to focus on his positive agenda. He mentioned his “Oh Nicholas” advertisement.
  • Asked how he would “restore rural NY, he mentioned the infrastructure bill, which he said would provide good jobs for workers and training on how to do them. Post-secondary education and affordable medical care he believes are necessary to make work here attractive.

Several people volunteered to mail postcards. If interested, I believe cards and labels are available at the campaign office on N. Main Street in Elmira and at other district offices. Don’t go before checking on the hours the office is open.

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