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Why are some Americans election deniers?

The white majority is fading, the economy is changing and there’s a pervasive sense of loss in districts where Republicans fought the outcome of the 2020 election. An article by Michael H. Keller and David D. Kirkpatrick in The New York Times explores … Continue reading

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Reproductive Freedom

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The Sputnik Shock

Sixty-five years ago, Sputnik shocked us out of complacency. We woke up to the fact that students in other countries studied more than one language. HS Math books were quickly replaced with better ones. More students elected to study biology, … Continue reading

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NY-23 Party Affiliation for the Nov. Election

NY-23 Party Affiliation for the Nov. Election Democrats Republicans Unaffiliated Total 165 201 120 530 31% 38% 23% Registered voters (1000s)

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Della Pia/Langworthy campaign finances compared

Candidate Max Della Pia (D) Nicholas Langworthy (R) 2021-22 Receipts $267,000 $625,000 No. of contributions 362 341 Average contribution $750 $1,800 NYS contributions 301 230 From NYS (percent) 84% 62% Contributions over $1000 86 127 Over $1000 (percent) 17% 37%

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Max Della Pia and Nicholas Langworthy answer questions

When we try to curb the surges of unchanging human nature, or to quench a conflagration with an act of legislature … we are every bit as foolish as I’ll prove to any jury, as those enterprising beavers when they … Continue reading

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Rep. Tenney’s Sponsored Legislation

Bills introduced by Rep. Tenney since June 2022. All will die at the end of the year. 1. H.Res.1436 — 117th Congress (2021-2022)Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that New York State’s Concealed Carry Improvement Act is unconstitutional.Sponsor:Tenney, Claudia [Rep.-R-NY-22] (Introduced … Continue reading

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Oh Claudia

June 27, 2022  Press Release On October 5, Rep. Tenney wrote: It was a privilege to co-lead the bipartisan REACHING Improved Mental Health Outcomes for Patients Act, which passed the House as part of a larger package, to improve programs … Continue reading

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Dangerous ideas

“I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles. I want control of the Senate.”— Dana Loesch Sadly, these ideas aren’t uncommon. There are many more repeated everyday.

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Max Della Pia’s position on the issues

Max writes: Here’s what I stand for: Here’s an overview of the issues I will prioritize as a representative: Safety net: A struggling family could find themselves homeless quickly & without fault. There needs to be a viable safety net. … Continue reading

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