Rep. Tenney (R-NY-22) spreads fear

We have nothing to fear but fear itself. — FDR

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY-22) tells New Yorkers what to think spreading fear with insinuations. Here are some examples from September 2022:

Lowering the farm worker OT threshold will hurt farmers, the agricultural workforce, and consumers.–facebook, Sept. 15

Anti-Second Amendment Elites are pressuring credit card companies to monitor your firearm & ammunition purchases.s.–facebook, Sept. 14

Lowering NY’s farm worker overtime threshold would be a nightmare for our family farms.–facebook, Sept. 13

New York was just ranked LAST on The Heritage Foundation‘s Education Freedom Report Cards.–facebook, Sept. 13

Experts just urged Georgia to replace the state’s voting machines with hand-marked paper ballots b/c voting machines in Coffee County may have been breached.–facebook, Sept. 9

Big Tech censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, which could have influenced the 2020 election.–facebook, Sept. 7

NEW BOMBSHELL REPORT: America First Policy Institute just released a new report, which uncovered pervasive & problematic practices: jurisdictions are not preserving records from federal elections, leaving serious questions and discrepancies.–facebook, Sept. 7

This week, state AGs obtained emails showing that the Biden admin coordinated regularly with Facebook to censor dissenting viewpoints.–facebook, Sept. 3

Next week, the NY Farm Wage Board will submit a recommendation to lower the farm labor overtime threshold to 40 hours. Family farms across NY would be devastated by this change. Say NO to reducing the threshold!.–facebook, Sept. 2

Today, most provisions of NY’s grossly unconstitutional “Concealed Carry Improvement” Act take effect..–facebook, Sept. 1

Rep. Tenney’s posts consistently spread fear of government, Democrats, and fellow Americans with unsupported allegations. September isn’t even over yet.

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5 Responses to Rep. Tenney (R-NY-22) spreads fear

  1. Gary Perry says:

    These are all recent news stories.
    These stories touting these very can easily be Google.

    The Hunter Biden laptop story being derailed and sidelined on purpose from an FBI request should make everyone concerned.

    Facebook Mark Zuckerburg admitted this in a Joe Rogan interview


  2. whungerford says:

    Thanks for your comment, Gary. Which district are you in now and which candidate do you favor?


  3. Gary Perry says:

    After Jan 1st 2023 I will no longer get be in CD23.
    Due to redistricting I will be in CD19

    CD19 is pretty much the old Maurice Hinchey district that stretches all the way from the Hudson Valley to the western most part of Tioga County and stretching up RT.34 up to pick up Ithaca .
    I will be voting for Marc Molinaro over Josh Riley.
    I think the Democrats have a slight numbers advantage in this new old district so I will be surprised in Molinaro were to win.

    I think Nick Langworthy will handily win the new CD23.


  4. whungerford says:

    Gary, Thomas Carle and Rich Moon both failed to make the NY-23 ballot for lack of signatures. Based on your experience, do you think too many signatures are required?


  5. Gary Perry says:

    The high number of signatures required benefits the county committee chosen candidates and the candidates who can afford to pay for people to collect signatures.

    Another huge hurdle is the early time of year that is being scheduled to collect signatures.
    The late winter and early spring winter can make it very challenging collecting signatures.
    You are fighting cold, rain and sometimes snow as well as early evening darkness.
    In June and July you have much better weather and longer daylight hours.
    People are out and about in their yards and generally more receptive to being “bothered”.
    Another hurdle is that most citizens do not understand the petitioning process required to get on the ballot.
    These are then usually the same people who don’t understand why more new people don’t run for office.

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