Which candidate is crazier?

Spectrum News interviews Carl Paladino reported by Ryan Whalen; here are some excerpts:

The U.S. House of Representatives currently has a handful of outspoken, often controversial, and solidly pro-Trump Republican members, like Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene and Florida’s Matt Gaetz. Carl Paladino said, if elected, he expects to be part of that group.

The candidate and staunch Trump supporter (Paladino) called the search (of Mar-a-Lago) insane and said the reported justification, classified information the president may have taken, appears to be nonsense. (Presumably Carl thinks a former Republican president should be above the law)

His GOP primary opponent, Nick Langworthy, also this week called the FBIs action a political witch hunt.

“Every single American should be outraged and should be united to stop this ,” Langworthy said. (Presumably Nick thinks a former Republican president should be above the law)

In the meantime, Paladino said if he’s elected, one of his first priorities will be to impeach President Joe Biden. He said he disagrees with Biden’s policies on climate change, COVID-19, as well as his decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan and believes incompetency is an impeachable offense.

Both candidates have prominently included Trump in their own campaign(s).

Which candidate is crazier, take your pick.

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3 Responses to Which candidate is crazier?

  1. Anne says:

    I didn’t realize a policy disagreement was an impeachable offense. R’s really aren’t bringing their A game, are they? Paladino, of course, has zero business being anywhere near public life.

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  2. annieasksyou says:

    I got a “404 page not found” message when I clicked on the Spectrum link. How do you, as someone close to these goings on, assess the race?


  3. whungerford says:

    Thanks Anne and Annie for your comments.

    Strangely, some politicians who claim to revere The Constitution are prone to using a peculiar version of it.

    For a reason I don’t understand, the link at the top of the article works for me while the one at the bottom didn’t.

    I have no idea which candidate Republicans will choose in the primary election. I expect both campaigns to appeal to Trump voters. According to BallotPedia, Nick Langworthy is the Conservative Party candidate.

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