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It’s an approach called “pre-bunking” and it builds on years of research into an idea known as inoculation theory that suggests exposing people to how misinformation works, using harmless, fictional examples, can boost their defenses to false claims.— David Klepper, … Continue reading

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New York Republicans shift right

What is clearly happening on both sides is turnover: New York is losing a slew of Republican and Democratic House members this year, along with one of its 27 seats due to reapportionment. Nine House members elected in 2020 — … Continue reading

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Andrew McCarthy on the search affidavit

Andrew C. McCarthy is a former federal prosecutor, who recently considered running for Congress in New York. He is a Fox contributor and contributing editor for the National Review. He leans right politically. I found this opinion article in The NY Post interesting. … Continue reading

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Louis Menand on Democracy

We don’t have Wyoming because people living within the territory felt a special affinity, a belief that they shared a “Wyoming way of life,” and somebody said, “These folks should have their own state.” To the extent that Wyoming residents … Continue reading

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NY-23 before and after the 2020 Census

Note, all numbers (except percentages) are in thousands. After the 2020 census, NY-23 shifted west, losing Tompkins and Tioga Counties and adding Erie County suburbs. Year Dem Rep Con WF Rep&Con Dem&WF 2021 133 161 8 2 169 135 2022 … Continue reading

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Chautauqua County League of Women Voters Campaign Forum

The Chautauqua County League of Women Voters sponsored a Campaign Forum on August 18. Reportedly, about 50 people attended. Here is a report on it. This brief report mentions inflation and firearm regulations as subjects discussed. You can listen to … Continue reading

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NY-23 Spedial Election Candidates Della Pia and Sempolinski explain their views

Read the candidates views here: Max Della Pia Joe Sempolinski

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What’s next for Trump and his associates?

News items: Documents were illegally kept at Mar-a-Lago. Reportedly, top White House lawyers were told: “It’s not theirs, it’s mine.” Reportedly, one Trump lawyer signed a statement incorrectly saying material with classified markings had been returned. Trump refuses to answer … Continue reading

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Two Candidates — NY23 Special Election Aug 23rd

The candidates are Max Della Pia and Joseph Sempolinski. Max Della Pia: “Right now, Congress is broken. As a nation, we need to focus on what brings us together as Americans rather than what pulls us apart.” — Campaign mailing … Continue reading

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Which candidate is crazier?

Spectrum News interviews Carl Paladino reported by Ryan Whalen; here are some excerpts: The U.S. House of Representatives currently has a handful of outspoken, often controversial, and solidly pro-Trump Republican members, like Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene and Florida’s Matt Gaetz. … Continue reading

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