The Rest of the Story 

The Rest of the Story was a radio program hosted by Paul Harvey.

Paul Harvey understood that the rest of the story is often vital to understanding the news. Journalists I. F. Stone and Molly Ivens also often reported the rest of the story. Rep. Claudia Tenney’s facebook posts often beg the questions, omitting reasons for and against. She posted these examples in the span of four days.

The Biden Admin is considering diverting VA medical personnel to the border to coverup their failed immigration policies. I just cosponsored the Veterans First Act to stop this. Vital resources and care should never be taken away from America’s veterans!

President Biden’s sweeping student loan forgiveness plan is an insult to American taxpayers, a giveaway to the wealthy and elite universities, and a slap in the face to all those who worked hard to pay back their loans.

Diesel prices in NY are SOARING. One small biz owner in NY-22 told me this week that his shipping costs alone have TRIPLED b/c of sky-high diesel prices. Failed Biden policies are hurting the American people & further deteriorating our supply chains.

Biden should let DHS focus on stopping record- breaking illegal immigration instead of forcing them to censor the American people.

Rep. Tenney fails to explain why the reported plan to use VA personnel at the Southern border might be in the public interest or how it would harm veterans. She fails to explain why many Americans favor student loan forgiveness. She fails to explain which Biden Administration policies might cause petroleum prices to rise. She fails to explain how the Dept. of Homeland Security censor’s the American people.

Her posts are divisive and inflammatory, replete with buzzwords:

  • coverup
  • failed policies
  • insult, slap in the face
  • record- breaking illegal immigration

Her posts offer no positive alternative to ideas she dislikes.

The “Veterans First Act” that Rep. Tenney cosponsored is H.R.7637; there are 30 cosponsors, all Republicans. This bill is political propaganda, with no chance of consideration by the 117th Congress. As Rep. Reed explained at his “farewell meetings,” Congress will do little but political campaigning for the rest of the year. Rep. Tenney might better join a positive bill with a chance of success rather than a negative gesture.

Presumably a candidate for reelection in one district or another, Rep. Tenney would do well to explain what she favors in some detail more often than what she opposes.

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