Rep. Claudia Tenney explains her votes

Rep. Claudia Tenney explains her votes. That’s good, but the explanations come with a big dose of partisan rancor. Here are some examples:

  • Despite being branded as legislation to compete with a rising China, the bill (H.R. 4521, The America COMPETES Act.) fails to address the full range of threats and national security concerns posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Instead of addressing critical needs, such as security assistance, export controls, and supporting our allies facing CCP aggression, the America COMPETES Act is full of wasteful spending and new left-wing programs that will only make America less competitive on the world stage. 
  • It (H.R.5746, Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act.) is a cynical attempt by House Democrats to diminish the voting power of law-abiding American citizens. The legislation would federalize elections, even though Article 1 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution clearly protects the rights of states to determine voting laws and practices. The legislation is an unconstitutional power-grab that would ban voter identification rules, mandate ballot harvesting, give the American people’s hard-earned tax dollars to political campaigns they do not agree with, and open the door for all noncitizens to vote.
  • Unfortunately, while this bill (H.R. 1836, the Guard and Reserve GI Bill Parity Act) may have been well-intentioned, it never truly received a hearing or due consideration in the Veterans Affairs Committee. It was rushed through committee on a party-line vote without any meaningful input from committee members on both sides of the aisle. It would cost tens of billions of dollars in mandatory spending without any offsets, threatening other vital Veterans priorities and programs, such as toxic exposure legislation. It also would extend Department of Veterans’ Affairs Home Loan housing fees and would increase the fee for Interest Rate Reduction Refinanced Loans.
  • Since re-taking power, Democrats in Congress have engaged on a wasteful partisan spending spree despite record inflation and significant economic challenges at home. Instead of reigning-in spending and enacting policies to actually improve the lives of Americans, Democrats amassing an enormous tab for future generations, who will be saddled with these financial burdens. This measure (S.J. Res. 33 – to raise the debt limit by $2.5 trillion) is an attempt to clear the way for even more debt-financed federal spending on destructive programs. It is a blank check enabling Democrats to push through their $3 trillion harmful socialist spending package.
  • This bill (H.R. 5314, the blatantly partisan so-called Protecting Our Democracy Act) is nothing more than political grandstanding by Congressman Adam Schiff and congressional Democrats, who wrote this wide-ranging legislation without any bipartisan input. After four years of Congressman Adam Schiff using his privileged position as the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee to mislead the American people, lying that he had seen confidential material that proved President Trump was colluding with Russia, he is now trying to pass this legislation to cover up his own unethical behavior. While I do support protecting the powers of Congress and reinforcing our checks and balances, this bill is nothing more than a shameless targeting of former President Trump and cannot be mistaken as a serious attempt to legislate.

Wasteful spending, new left-wing programs, power-grab, mandate ballot harvesting, rushed through, party-line, reigning-in (sic), saddled with, debt-financed, blank check, socialist spending, political grandstanding, shameless targeting, oh my.

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1 Response to Rep. Claudia Tenney explains her votes

  1. josephurban says:

    Too easy. HR4521 Give a few specifics of “wasteful spending”.
    HR 5746.Read the article of the Constitution you referred to,which talks about voting: “Text of Article 1, Section 4: The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of choosing Senators.
    HR 1836. Don’t you support the troops?
    SJ Res 33. Debt limit 2.5 trillion. Under Trump the GOP voted for over 7.8 trillion debt limit increase. Please expand.
    HR5314. You don’t want to protect democracy. Explain.


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