Rep. Tenney on Guns

Now, more than ever, support for the Second Amendment is crucial. While I support targeted efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, I stand strongly against efforts by gun-grabbers to strip law-abiding Americans of their constitutional rights. — Rep. Tenney

These bills are going nowhere in the 117th Congress, but their sponsors will keep trying.

H.R.6945 – No Retaining Every Gun In a System That Restricts Your Rights Act

  • Sponsor: Rep. Cloud
  • Cosponsors: 60 Republicans including Stefanik and Tenney
  • No Summary

H.R.6970 – Firearm Industry Non-Discrimination Act or the FIND Act.

  • Sponsor: Rep. Bergman
  • Cosponsors: 74 Republicans including Stefanik and Tenney
  • No Summary

H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

  • Sponsor: Rep. Hudson
  • Cosponsors: 199 (196 R, 3D) including Reed, Stefanik, and Tenney.
  • CRS Summary:

This bill establishes a federal statutory framework to regulate the carry or possession of concealed firearms across state lines.

Specifically, an individual who is eligible to carry a concealed firearm in one state may carry or possess a concealed handgun (other than a machine gun or destructive device) in another state that allows its residents to carry concealed firearms.

It sets forth requirements for the lawful concealed carry across state lines. The bill preempts most state and local laws related to concealed carry and establishes a private right of action for a person adversely affected by interference with a concealed-carry right established by this bill.

H.R.1715 – Second Amendment Guarantee Act or the SAGA Act .

  • Sponsor: Rep. Stefanik
  • Cosponsors: 6 Republicans including Reed and Tenney.
  • CRS Summary:

This bill prohibits a state or local government from establishing a regulation, prohibition, or registration or licensing requirement with respect to a rifle or shotgun that is more restrictive (or that imposes a greater penalty or tax) than federal law.

Some politicians are for “states rights” only when it suits them.

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