Rep. Tom Reed speaks his mind

“We need to emerge out of this weakness that we now find ourselves in America because we are divided politically, we are $30 trillion in national debt, (and) the military forces in China and others are growing exponentially while ours essentially stays in a similar position. These all add up to a situation that should concern all of us. It’s time for us to come together as Americans. It’s time for us to unite that American innovation spirit to grow the economy, to get our fiscal house in order and to start on the path where all of these things that are weakening us and dividing us are things of history and that we are united as we go forward.” — Rep. Tom Reed

Reporter Gregory Bacon says Tom Reed wants to see America become more united politically. How that might come about, Tom Reed doesn’t say.

  • Being divided politically needn’t be a problem if we are willing to discuss our differences in the light of facts. Political opinions based on ignorance, “alternative facts,” or self-interest are a problem.
  • If national debt is a problem, Tom Reed might seek an equitable solution; low taxes for the rich don’t help. Why he thinks it is a problem, Tom Reed doesn’t say.
  • Military forces in China aren’t growing exponentially; nothing grows exponentially for long. Tom Reed just voted for an increase in American military forces.
  • When Tom Reed urges Americans to “come together,” he doesn’t mean that he will change his opinions.
  • What things are weakening us and dividing us, Tom Reed doesn’t say.

Strangely, Tom Reed not that long ago advocated not unity but disruption. He has yet to admit that disruption wasn’t the answer to pressing problems.

Reportedly, Tom Reed opposes negotiating with Russia as long as bombing is taking place. That’s no recipe for a diplomatic solution, nor is it an idea likely to bring us together.

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3 Responses to Rep. Tom Reed speaks his mind

  1. Maureen Harding says:

    As usual for Republicans, Tom Reed focuses on the deficits that don’t matter instead of the ones that do. First, our military and the defense budget is 8 Times larger than all other civilized countries combined. It consumes half of our annual budget each year (not hyperbole). Trump put billions on the national debt and that didn’t seem to matter to Tom and other Republicans. What is dividing us as a nation is that one party engaged in Putin-styled propaganda with one state sponsored corporate media outlet. The Republican rhetoric is “us vs. then” 24-7. No wonder we are divided. May I suggest a book on deficits and the national debt. It is literally eye-opening from a great economist:

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  2. whungerford says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Maureen


  3. josephurban says:

    Reed was not concerned about the deficit when he voted over and over for a massive tax giveaway to the top 1%. He is fundamentally dishonest.

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