Lee Zeldin for Governor — Part II

Defending Your Freedoms

“Finally, Kathy Hochul has succumbed to the pressure of millions of parents, teachers and New Yorkers fighting to unmask our kids. Unfortunately, for too many New York children, the damage of extensive, over the top COVID restrictions has already been done. They can never get back the years and months kids were masked up, the time spent stuck in remote learning, and the significant life events that were canceled, but, finally, moving forward, our children will be able to see the smiles of their teachers and classmates once again.”

Fighting for our Kids

Same as above. Aside from disparaging masks, Zeldin said nothing about education.

Masks have saved many lives including children’s lives. A person willing to put political posturing before public health is not a responsible candidate for any public office. It doesn’t even seem like effective politics: by this fall, hopefully masks will be a dead issue.

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2 Responses to Lee Zeldin for Governor — Part II

  1. whungerford says:

    How many supporters came, this article by Cormac Clune doesn’t say.
    People have a choice to make, what kind of a future do they want for their state. If they feel like their wallets are being attacked, their safety and freedom, their kid’s education, what a great opportunity come November 8 to change the direction of our state. — Lee Zeldin

    We do have a choice to make: forward or backward with the likes of Lee Zeldin.

    People are leaving New York because they just can’t afford to survive here. — Lee Zeldin

    Perhaps some are, but as many more are coming here; NYS’s population is growing in the long term and stable in the short term.



  2. josephurban says:

    Millions of NY school kids have been hospitalized because they had to wear a mask. Thousands are still unburied in the playgrounds of schools across the state. When will the horror end??? Might as well join the misinformation trend.

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