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Federal Income Tax Bills

I have long been an advocate for keeping more money in the pockets of individuals so they can make independent decisions about the use of their own money. I am committed to promoting an economic climate that brings about fiscal … Continue reading

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An Interesting Lawsuit

The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by citizens of another state, or by citizens or subjects of … Continue reading

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Free Speech Under Threat

For all the tolerance and enlightenment that modern society claims, Americans are losing hold of a fundamental right as citizens of a free country: the right to speak their minds and voice their opinions in public without fear of being … Continue reading

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Rep. Tenney on Guns

Now, more than ever, support for the Second Amendment is crucial. While I support targeted efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, I stand strongly against efforts by gun-grabbers to strip law-abiding Americans of their constitutional rights. … Continue reading

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Making Hay out of tragedy

As gas prices across the district soar to $4 a gallon and more, it proves yet again how completely asinine it is that we have cut off our domestic natural gas and oil supplies. Instead of bowing to the environmental … Continue reading

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Chris Churchill on Gerrymandering

Writing for The Times Union, Chris Churchill makes these points: Republicans and Democrats both do it. There is nothing new about it. The worst examples of gerrymandering are fundamentally unethical. What Democrats have done on the state level can only … Continue reading

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Rep. Tom Reed speaks his mind

“We need to emerge out of this weakness that we now find ourselves in America because we are divided politically, we are $30 trillion in national debt, (and) the military forces in China and others are growing exponentially while ours … Continue reading

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Rep. Tenney on veterans injured by burn pits

House and Senate passed separate bills addressing relief for veterans injured by burn pits. Both bills purport to help soldiers injured by toxins. H.R. 3967 – Honoring our PACT Act of 2021 – has 100 cosponsors, mostly Democrats. The Senate … Continue reading

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What do President Biden and Harry Truman have in common?

What do President Biden and Harry Truman have in common? Both were Senators, both faced (and in the case of President Biden, still face) bitter partisan opposition, both took office in perilous times. In the March 7th issue of The … Continue reading

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Lee Zeldin for Governor — Part II

Defending Your Freedoms “Finally, Kathy Hochul has succumbed to the pressure of millions of parents, teachers and New Yorkers fighting to unmask our kids. Unfortunately, for too many New York children, the damage of extensive, over the top COVID restrictions … Continue reading

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