Joe Sempolinski speaks to Hornell Republicans

Sempolinski said he is fighting for the America he wants his two daughters to grow up in.

As reported by Jasmine Willis.

“It is a real honor to be here tonight. I don’t know any other republican dinner that has 79 years of being a tradition in Hornell. This really is the kick-off of the political year. As a local boy who has grown up on the other side of the county this really means something to me. These are all people I have spent a lot of time with over the years. There is a large portion of New York where their local leaders and state senators don’t do a good job, and you see it in the long run. We need to keep these folks here fighting for us,” he said. “We have become more aware of the criminal justice over the last few years. It is so historically important what has happened in Hornell with the Republican Party. This used to be the democratic heart of the Southern Tier. You had the longest running democratic mayor in the state. It is unprecedented to be in a city that is now a republican majority.”

“It proves if you are willing to work, be persistent, and not let people tell you it has always been this way. Hornell is flourishing and growing now. You have people moving here and the city is thriving due to this new leadership. People in this room have all done their part in making it happen. We have a lot to look forward to in 2022,” Sempolinski continued. “Redistricting… I have felt over the last seven months as I am running for congress, I have on my forehead ask about Redistricting. This has gotten bolder and brighter over the last 10 days. The maps have come out and in my opinion this is unconstitutional. The state constitution says you cannot draw maps that have advantage or disadvantage a political party or diminish competition. Certainly, the maps do all of those things. I think we have a really good chance in court. We will need to have the democrats do the right thing in a couple of weeks and uphold the law. We have eight republicans in the state, and they want to take it down to four.”

“The purpose of America and reason this country was founded was so a leader could not do this. We got rid of a king so we could have a country where we were under the rule of laws and not men. We were under the rules of the constitution and not the majority of the whims of the moment,” he said. “I came forward in July since I wanted to do something about this. I wanted to run for congress for two reasons. I looked at my two daughters and thought of the America I wanted them to grow up in.”

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5 Responses to Joe Sempolinski speaks to Hornell Republicans

  1. Rich Stewart says:

    I must have missed Joe’s comments against the way Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, North AND South Carolina, West Virginia, Iowa, and Wisconsin drew their Congressional District’s maps. When no one enforces the rules, there are no rules.

    The State publishes the party enrollment every November just before the election, and in February to determine who can sign nominating petitions. In November, there were more than twice the number of registered Democrats in NY than Republicans. Matter-of-fact, there were more registered voters NOT AFFILIATED with a party than Republicans. They are the third party in a two-party system.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    THank You


  3. Arthur Ahrens says:

    And yet ny23 can’t elect a democrat.


  4. arthur ahrend says:

    So why can’t the Democrats defeat Republicans in NY 23?


  5. josephurban says:

    The reason NY 23 goes GOP is that it is a rural area. People are still voting for the GOP of 1954, not the GOP of 2022. It’s just a habit.The Dems provide money for development and the GOP (Tom Reed) takes the credit. Think of the line from the John Prine song: Grandpa Was a Carpenter… “He voted for Eisenhower, cuz Lincoln won the war”

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