Some National Statistics

Nation Area (sq mi)PopulationGDP (USD)
Canada3.9 million38 million1.6 trillion
China3.7 million1.4 billion14 trillion
Estonia17,0001.3 million31 billion
France210,00067 million2.6 trillion
Germany138,00083 million9 trillion
Poland121,00038 million594 billion
Russia6.6 million144 million1.5 trillion
Ukraine233,00044 million155 billion
United Kingdom50,000 67 million2.7 trillion
United States3.8 million330 million21 trillion
National Statistics

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2 Responses to Some National Statistics

  1. says:

    Should make you wonder why so many Democrats and Republicans appear to want to rush us into a military conflict with Russia regarding Ukraine.

    The Biden administration appears to want to use this mostly unexplained by the main street media conflict as an opportunity to prove how strong they are on the international stage.

    How would most Americans feel if Mexico were to align with Russia and allow Russian military hardware (defensive and offensive) to be positioned all along the Mexican northern border and the very real possibility of Russian military advisors also stationed along the Mexican northern border for training and practice?

    Just think about the very real possibility of any high ranking, power hungry career Generals on either side of NATO (including the US) or Russia who might see the possibility of a “limited nuclear exchange” as a geopolitical opportunity.

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  2. whungerford says:

    I agree. Decades from now no one will remember today’s crisis, unless it should explode.


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