Three Candidates on the Issues — Jobs

Andrew McCarthy: For too long, our representatives have spent their time in Washington enriching themselves instead of protecting the American People. Rather than continuing to allow the offshoring of our jobs, I will set forth initiatives to bring jobs back home. To reach our full potential, we will invest in our workers again through no-cost certification and job training programs. These programs will range from traditional trade and labor skills to technical training and management programs. My Small Business & Start-Ups Bill, ready for day one in office, creates regional tax exemption windows, grants and tax credits for qualified start-ups and small businesses, and grants low/no interest federal loans to small business owners. I support taxing corporations that send American jobs overseas. Keeping jobs in the USA is my top priority.

Rich Moon: We need to put our local and small businesses first. Rich plans to chop burdensome regulations and red tape that hurt small businesses and bring more jobs back to New York. With a concentrated effort for job creation, we will succeed where others haven’t seemed to even try. Everyone says it—Rich has the drive and experience to actually make it happen.

Joseph Sempolinski: The Biden administration is leading us to an economic disaster. Inflation threatens to rob hardworking families of their savings. The federal government simply cannot spend at the levels of the Biden administration without ruining the economy. The focus of the federal budget needs to be on the roles laid out for the federal government in the Constitution, not solving problems better handled by the states or the private sector. The federal government needs to be a partner for businesses that are seeking to add jobs, not a hindrance.

Joe will be totally focused on rebuilding the economy post-COVID. For too long, the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes have been left behind economically. Joe will work tirelessly to promote job growth in our region. Restoring the economy of the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier will be Joe’s top priority as Congressman.

As Rich Moon noted, “Everyone says it,” but nothing good happens. Probably the reason is that there isn’t much Congress can do, and Republicans are often unwilling to do anything — most voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill, which is now law, for example.

Free enterprise is supposed to promote efficiency. Measures to keep jobs in the USA would cost consumers; what the cost would be Andrew McCarthy doesn’t say.

One might wonder if Joe Sempolinski was totally focused and worked tirelessly on improving the economy of the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier when he worked for Rep. Tom Reed. If he did, why is there little to show for it?

Debt doesn’t matter. — Ronald Reagan

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2 Responses to Three Candidates on the Issues — Jobs

  1. josephurban says:

    All three of them are correct about one thing. People in this district have been screwed over and over…Golly gee, who has been our representative for the last few years? What political party? Remember Trump and promising to “bring back jobs” and then exporting even MORE jobs to Mexico and Asia? Short memories? Or Ivanka’s sweatshop factories in China? America First? No, the GOP motto is: “The Buck Stops Here, in My Pocket”.

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  2. whungerford says:

    Andrew McCarthy favors more government intervention, Rich Moon less government nonintervention, Joe Sempolinski none at all — laissez faire.


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