Three Candidates on the Issues — Immigration

Lawrence Strike, Strikers, 1912 Walter Reuther Labor Archives Wayne State U. Nearly half of the textile workers in Lawrence were women or children, many of whom were recent immigrants from areas such as Eastern Europe, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Syria and French Canada..

Andrew McCarthy: I fully support President Trump’s border wall and I believe we must have strict immigration control. Illegal immigration decimates our economy and the ability of working-class Americans to find jobs. Democrats and Republicans controlled by large corporations have allowed endless legal and illegal immigration for decades to secure a stream of cheap labor for their donors. If we want to keep the America we know and love, we need a 10 year immigration moratorium to assimilate the people already here legally. Anyone here illegally must go home. After that we can slowly move to a merit-based immigration system that brings in people who will help make our country better. We are the greatest nation in the world, we should be choosing our fellow Americans the same way the Yankees and the Bills choose their players.

Rich Moon: Illegal immigration hurts all free Americans. Nowhere else in the world allows open border crossing. We need to control our borders and have a healthy legal immigration process. Let’s increase the size of the Border Patrol – not the IRS. 

Joseph Sempolinski: The Biden Administration has caused a crisis on the southern border of this country. Joe’s position is if immigrants wish to come to America they need to do it legally and our border needs to be secure. Drug trafficking, human trafficking and other crimes are the sad results of having a border that is not secured.

“Illegal immigration decimates our economy?” That view may be widely believed but isn’t supported by evidence.

“Illegal immigration hurts all free Americans?” That’s wrong too; how he thinks it hurts he doesn’t say. The reference to “free Americans” is puzzling and offensive.

Drug trafficking would end if the border were better secured? Dream on.

All three candidates seem to envision a border like that in Eastern Poland, where refuges, suffering, are trapped behind a secure border; even there some get through.

Tear down this wall. — Ronald Reagan

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  1. Anne says:

    Pity the GOP just doesn’t seem to have any decent candidates left, anywhere.

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