Three Candidates on the issues — guns

Andrew McCarthy: Our founders knew our First Amendment right to freedom of speech could not be protected without our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is non-negotiable. Period. I won’t budge on the Left’s communist agenda to leave our families and communities defenseless and reliant on government protection. I oppose efforts to create a national gun registry and any other anti-gun legislation aimed at disarming the populace.

Rich Moon: Rich Moon is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. He will work to protect you and your family’s right to bear arms and defend against tyranny. The left wants to take away our guns and control our lives. It’s time for leaders who stand up to protect all of our freedoms before it’s too late. 

Joe Sempolinski: Joe is pro-2nd amendment. Joe is a SCOPE and NRA member and a gun owner. The right to bear arms is a fundamental, individual, human and Constitutional right. Joe supports interstate reciprocity for gun permits. At the state level, the NY SAFE ACT should never have become law.

I can’t recall a time when guns were needed to protect free speech; I can’t foresee a time when guns would be used to protect against tyranny; I can think of no reason that the NYS Safe Act should not have become law.

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8 Responses to Three Candidates on the issues — guns

  1. josephurban says:

    I am not sure how guns protect free speech. Its the opposite. They are used to intimidate others who want free speech.Like the threats against members of Congress by the looneys. Also, these morons can’t even read the entire amendment. “A well-regulated militia”…that is the reason for the amendment. not so every idiot can walk around armed.

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  2. Gary Perry says:

    I fully agree with all three options in support of the 2nd Amendment.

    When you read the Federalist papers, the NY State Constitution and many other state’s Constitutions one can clearly read and understand that every able bodied citizen is a member of the “militia”.


  3. josephurban says:

    No one is a member of a militia UNTIL the government calls on you to be in the militia. The Constitution is clear. CONGRESS calls up a militia. In 1789 there was no standing army and no police force, hence the need for a possible militia call up. No longer the case. We now have organized military under government control. Militia’s (which are LEGAL government entities) no longer exist. There is no longer any Constitutional reason for having weapons . That is why gun ownership is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.

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  4. whungerford says:

    The first two candidates think people need guns to defend free speech or against tyranny, which would likely be crimes. The third doesn’t say why he thinks individuals need guns.


  5. Anonymous says:

    From the NY State Constitution

    “Article Xll
    (Defense; militia)
    Section 1. The Defense and protection of the state and of the United States is an obligation of all persons within the state. The legislature shall provide for the discharge of this obligation and for the maintenance and regulation of an organized militia.”

    The NY State Constitution has been amended many times yet Article Xll still remains.

    The 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights in The US Constitution
    Amendment ll
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arm, shall not be infringed.”

    I have noticed that many progressives do not understand the following.
    1) The US Constitution is not a list of Rights that our government bestows on it’s citizens.
    It is a list of Liberties, Rights and Freedoms that are bestowed upon on us by our Creator and our government must accept, protect and defend these Rights.
    2) they refuse to accept and understand the part of the 2nd Amendment that states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    The Founders and framers of the Constitution knew that a well armed population of citizens would be the only thing that would prevent a tyrannical government from growing out of a governing body.

    A well armed, educated and informed population of citizens is necessary to keep our Representative Constitutional Republic in tact.

    Unfortunately, due to many Progressives, Power hungry politicians and many main stream media organizations far too many citizens have tuned out and are not well educated enough or Informed well enough.

    Far too many Americans in general have become lazy takers and do not want to spend the time to become informed on the issues.

    I would suggest reading James Madison on the 2nd Amendment and the Federalist Papets dealing with the 2nd Amendment.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Gun ownership is definitely not a privilege and is most definitely a natural Right.

    This is why it was placed as the 2nd Amentment in the Bill of Rights.


  7. josephurban says:

    To Anonymous. Read the NY State Constitution that you posted: The NY state legislature , not individual citizens or vigilante groups, provides the militia. Which today is the National Guard in each state. Organized and controlled by the LEGAL government, not individual citizens. Right there in black and white.

    Alos, read the 2nd Amendment that you posted.. what are the FIRST WORDS? “A well-regulated militia…” Yes, the Congress has the power to create a “well-regulated militia” and for that purpose, and that purpose ALONE, were folks given the right to keep and bear arms. See Article ONE of the Constitution under the powers of Congress. All “militias” under both the state and federal government, are CONTROLLED by the government, not private individuals.

    What “progressives” do not understand. Let’s go down that path of telling progressives what they don’t understand.
    1. The Constitution is not a list of rights bestowed. That is EXACTLY what it is. It was modeled directly from the English Bill of Rights, which, as British citizens, the founders were well aware of. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that suggests god has given anyone.No where. As conservatives do not understand the Bill of Rights was never intended to be all-encompassing, but an outline of SOME of the rights we may have under the Constitution. And those rights are defined by the legislature and the courts, not god. Unless, of course, your god gave Jefferson, Madison, Washington, etc the “god-given” right to enslave other human beings? Why is that no longer a right if it is god-given? Or, is it your position that it SHOULD be a right?

    2. Progressives “refuse to accept” the second part of the 2nd Amendment. I am not sure who you are talking about except to put forth the usual “straw man” argument. What conservatives don’t understand is that every right, including the right to have weapons, is not absolute. They confuse sensible regulation with total opposition.There may be a few who want to ban all guns but I can think of no “progressive” who advocates that. Perhaps you have a long list of progressive politicians who are calling for a TOTAL ban on weapons. If so, present it. I’ll help you. Even the most progressive politician in Congress, AOC, does not support banning guns, but rather common sense gun control. So, your straw man has been torched. Of course, conservatives don’t understand the ENTIRE 2nd Amendment. They ignore the “Well-regulated militia” section.

    The founding fathers no where suggest that guns are needed to overthrow a tyrannical government, The opposite is the case.I quote from Article One, the powers of Congress:

    “To provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions;”

    The purpose of gun ownership and militias was to PUT DOWN INSURRECTIONS. Like the Jan 6 attempt to overthrow the government…put down by the organized “militia” (police. National Guard) which was the proper use of power. And now we see over 700 of the traitors being brought to justice. Read the Constitution. Nowhere does it suggest that guns should be used to overthrow the government. The opposite.

    So, I suggest you take some time and read the WORDS,all of them, of the US Constitution. Not just repeat taking points of the far right who pick and choose .And understand that all rights have responsibilities and have limits. US Government 101.

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  8. whungerford says:

    A very interesting article on constitutions, including our own, titled “The Age of Consent,” written by historian Jill Lepore, appeared in the March 29th issue of “The New Yorker.”


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