Having it both ways

Rep. Tom Reed strongly favors the “Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill” which is now law and not the proposed “Build Back Better Act, which he describes as “reckless spending.” This may confuse people for two reasons:

  • Both are associated with investment in infrastructure, so they are easily confused.
  • It may be hard to understand why one bill is “is a major win for our area and the kind of investment in real infrastructure that we desperately needed, and the other is reckless spending, socialism.

With a nearly unprecedented series of facebook posts in less than a month, Tom Reed promotes the Bipartisan Bill. In the post of Nov. 19, he attacks Build Back Better.

Happy to attend the signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill today at the White House. This bill is ten years in the making, and is an example of the real solutions that need to come from Washington. Solutions that will help the American people in their day to day lives. Better roads, expanded broadband access, and investment in rail service are but three of the benefits for our area, as well as for the country as a whole. Time to set aside partisan politics and celebrate a win for the American people! — Nov. 15

Due to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that we were proud to support, New York State will receive $12.5 billion for roads, highways and bridge repairs. New York has 1,702 bridges and over 7,292 miles of highway rated in poor condition. This bill is a major win for our area and the kind of investment in real infrastructure that we desperately needed! — Nov. 30

You should never have to worry if the water you are drinking is safe and clean. That is why I am proud to have supported the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, which invests $90 billion to improve New York’s safe water infrastructure. This bill makes the essential investments in infrastructure that will improve our community’s overall health and well-being! — Dec. 2

With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, we will see an improvement and modernization of our mass transit system. That means an increase in job opportunities for our area as well as improved services for our country. Updating and renovating mass transit is another important investment in our future, that was made possible by this bill! — Dec. 7

Electric vehicle charging stations will be a reality for our communities, thanks to funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. This will be a boost for our region’s amazing tourist destinations that will now be more easily accessible to electric vehicle drivers. By providing convenient charging for long-distance traveling, as well as for daily use, the investments from this bill will see an increase of electric vehicles to our area. — Dec. 9

I have always been adamantly opposed to the so-called ‘Build Back Better’ Bill. This reckless spending bill is a socialist wish list that will crush American families, workers and small businesses. We need to work together to solve the problems facing this country, but instead the extremists in the Democrat party made no attempt to find common ground and reach across the aisle. The American people, who will suffer the consequences of this bill, deserve better from Washington. –Nov. 19

In his attack on Build Back Better, Tom Reed cites no specifics such as child tax credit, affordable child care, or low cost insulin. In his support for the bill he favors, he lists a host of benefits. Can it be that one infrastructure bill is “win for the American people,” and in another is reckless spending, socialism? Will one bill boost the economy and the other “crush American families? Tom is struggling to sell his critics this distinction.

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2 Responses to Having it both ways

  1. josephurban says:

    Mr Reed’s reasoning is that of old school Republicans (now called RINOS by the current fascist GOP). The first spending bill is on THINGS. Things that have substance and can easily be seen. It is funny how he tries to say the bill was “10 years in the making” pretending the Trump folks had anything to do with it. The bill spends our “hard earned tax dollars” on things we can immediately see.Things we can photo op.
    The second bill also spends on different kinds of “things”, but things that are not readily visible to all. It funds the working class and middle class in areas of child support, day care, education, etc. These are jobs that do not “build”physical things, but build relationships and build toward a better future. Tom is all about the short term photo op. What happens 5 to 10 years from now is not in his wheelhouse. Evidently funding child care so mom and dad can work is “crushing American families” by supporting them.Go figure.
    So, it makes sense that he would support one and not the other.
    Like many politicians he is a short term thinker,not a long term planner. Except when it comes to giving long term tax breaks to his handlers, the top 1%.


  2. Maureen Harding says:

    Glad he will be gone. I can’t stand hypocrites. Don’t forget they obstruct everything proposed by Democrats and do not wish for bipartisanship. They did nothing for ten years on infrastructure…nothing. They oppose voting rights and anything to make elections fair. They opposed COVID relief. Anything that supports labor or the poor and middle income people is “socialism.” Yet, today’s Republican Party is so far to the right as to be deemed fascist. There are no conservatives Tom Reed—only fascists who are determined to undermine democracy.


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