2021 Ballot Proposals — Election Results

Proposal 1, an amendment

Amending the apportionment and redistricting process

ChoicesTotal Votes% Votes

Proposal 2, an amendment

Right to Clean Air, Clean Water, and a Healthful Environment

ChoicesTotal Votes% Votes

Proposal 3, an amendment

Eliminating ten-day advance voter registration requirement

ChoicesTotal Votes% Votes

Proposal 4, an amendment

Authorizing no-excuse absentee ballot voting

ChoicesTotal Votes% Votes

Proposal 5, an amendment

Increasing the jurisdiction of the New York City Civil Court

ChoicesTotal Votes% Votes

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4 Responses to 2021 Ballot Proposals — Election Results

  1. Arthur Ahrens says:

    This election showed what dismal failures the Democrats are.
    If they don’t right the ship…and FAST….Republicans will sweep in 2022…Senate AND HOUSE.
    This will allow the Republicans to stymie ANY Biden/Democratic agenda for next two years including investigations into 1/6/2021…and Democrats will be able to accomplish NOTHING in those two years.
    In 2024, Republicans will campaign on do-nothing Democrats and other Culture War items, sweeping POTUS, Senate, House.
    They will own all three branches of government.
    1/6/2021 and its aftermath showed their true agenda. After they get control, they will fix it so they NEVER give it up.
    Enjoy the next three years, such as they will be. Someday, they will be the Good Old Days.


  2. whungerford says:

    Thanks for your comment, Arthur. I think you are too worried about what hasn’t happened and may never happen. But in any case, how do you think Democrats should “right the ship?”


  3. Arthur Ahrens says:

    It’s been my experience in many years and many conversations that almost all people are reluctant to offer ad hominem evaluations during discussions. This occurs for a variety of reasons: good manners, politeness, lack of professional credentials, a disinclination to offer ad hominem statements, a desire to ACTUALLY discuss the points that the other person has made.

    Some people are not so costrained. Apparently you are not in that particular cohort. I’ve observed this in your relentless and obsessive Facebook ad hominem comments attacking Tom Reed, which clearly show no hesitation about often employing that particular loathsome tactic.

    I don’t like Tom Reed. But I don’t like your antics towards him on Facebook more.

    And I certainly don’t appreciate any statements from you about my emotional state regarding ANY issue.

    If feel that you can confine yourself to arguing the merits of my hypothesis, feel free to do so. Otherwise, we have nothing to discuss. Again.

    As far as my points…a baby step for anybody interested in staving off Republican armageddon can be found in this email from John Fetterman:
    They called it.
    Last night, Democrat Terry McAuliffe was defeated by Trump-endorsed Glenn Youngkin in the election for Virginia governor.
    And just scrolling through the news headlines on Twitter, it looks like McAullife lost by some *big* margins in Virginia’s most rural counties.
    I’ll just say to you what I’ve always said. It’s never going to be urban OR rural. It’s gotta be urban AND rural.
    In other words, I feel like the results in VA make it clear. Democrats won’t win in 2022 if we don’t compete in all 67 counties, rural and urban.
    Not only am I the *only* Democrat in this race who ran for statewide office before + won. I’m the only Democrat who ran for statewide office before + won with support in all 67 PA counties — urban, rural, and everywhere in between.
    When Governor Tom Wolf and I ran in 2018, we traveled PA and talked to voters in every county — regardless of how red or blue. We swung more than 900,000 votes compared to 2016, and we did it by chipping away at Republican margins in rural counties.

    “talked to voters in every county — regardless of how red or blue”. !!!!!

    That’s not how things are done by the Democratic organization in Yates County. Or in NY23.


  4. whungerford says:

    Reported undervote on ballot proposals. Did these voters not see the proposals, or did they choose not to express and opinion?
    No. 1 406,852
    No. 2 366,120
    No. 3 342,145
    No. 4 352,048
    No. 5 463,701

    1. Voters who failed to vote on one of the proposals are not necessarily the same voters who failed to vote on another.
    2. These numbers represent about a quarter of the votes cast.


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