Buzz words and phrases


America will never be Socialist — DJT

Never say never. — Folk wisdom

Buzz words needn’t be organized in a coherent manner; they can be jumbled together in a “word salad.” There needn’t be a theme. For example:

Here’s news for you on the left. America will never be socialist. Card carrying socialists — Barry, Chuckie, Andy, Sleepy Joe, crooked Hillary, and Nancy Pelosi are all clueless liars suffering from TDS.  Woke libtards follow them like sheepies. Unhinged snowflakes, triggered by fake news from lame stream media, may whine and cry all they like. Americans treasure our Second Amendment rights. Demorats will never take my guns. Liberal Demorat politician, who have abandoned the sane law abiding citizens of their cities and states, should never be elected again. African Americans, black people and other people of color know that Democrats hate them. Facebook trolls, living rent free in their mother’s basements, should go to a communist country if they don’t like it here. Patriots know how to protect our constitutional rights. Vote your sport; MAGA. Hold Odumbo, Hillary Clinton, and Hunter Biden accountable for their crimes–lock them up. Cut government spending, end welfare for those to lazy to work, no government health care. We need voter ID to protect our elections from illegal immigrants and extreme lefties who aren’t entitled to vote. Leftists have ruined New York; no one wants to stay here anymore to be taxed to death or die in one of Andy’s nursing homes. New York should be like Texas where real Americans can live free.

Thanks to facebook personality Bernie Pragle for the suggested word list. I tried to use them all.


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2 Responses to Buzz words and phrases

  1. Carol says:

    I bet Bernie found all of them in the comments on Congressman Tom Reed’s Facebook page. Reed’s fans certainly have the slogans down pat.

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  2. whungerford says:

    That is certainly possible Carol; it is a rich source as you well know.


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