It’s up to us

punditI can make policy, but will the people comply? — Gov. Cuomo

I’m a cheerleader — DJT

The virus will decide — Dr. Fauci

President Trump can’t restart the economy, that’s up to us. Retail stores won’t open if customers stay away. Restaurants will fail or turn to take-out if customers are afraid. People won’t send their children to school if they don’t think it safe. Barbers can open shop, but it won’t work if customers are afraid to come.

I believe Gov. Cuomo is right– people will do right when they understand the need.  Thus it is important to understand the facts. We don’t need wishful thinking from a cheerleader.

Dr. Fauci’s comment may be politically correct, but is false. The people will decide when it’s safe. For the more vulnerable among us, it may be a long wait.

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17 Responses to It’s up to us

  1. Gary says:

    It is time to start going back to work.
    Local hospitals are furloughing employees, small companies are closed, many small businesses are closed, restaurants and diners are closed while some do take-out business.
    Let’s get back to work. Follow safe guidelines. If you are sick, have a cough or are running a temperature stay home.
    Wash your hands, wear a face mas, safety glasses & latex gloves if helpful.
    Practice safe sanitary practices.
    Dont touch your face, keep your distance and stay off public buses, trains and subway cars.
    These Corona COVID 19 deaths are terrible but many are related to failing health and ignoring safe practices.
    Leys not destroy our state’s and Country’s economy for what will a pandemic with a 99.9 % survival rate


  2. whungerford says:

    Ninety-nine point nine, really Gary? Today’s data gives an upper limit of 2.75%. Where did you get your figure?


  3. josephurban says:

    Going back to work now would be simply stupid. We now know that the virus can be transmitted even if a person has no symptoms. So far, due to actions by governors, many states have flattened the curve. That s=does not mean the virus has disappeared. IT’S A VIRUS. DUH. It thrives on the human body. It is spread by both contact , off surfaces and by air. It’s not Ebola or the flu. It is much more difficult to contain. I like the advice that says: Stay off of public transportation. LOL LOL. Ever been to NYC? Or Chicago? Or any city larger than Boondocksville? The only way working people in cities can get around is by public transportation. They don’t own cars and can’t afford taxis or uber or lyft….. As the doctor says: The virus will decide. It needs to run its course and it has not even peaked yet. … You want to see the economy destroyed? Let’s have 100,000 to 500,000 deaths, hospitals unable to cope, health care professionals dead, etc. The economy can wait. The virus won’t. Keep social distancing and stop whining. This is war . Act like it.

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  4. whungerford says:

    I won’t go to a restaurant or a retail store unless I am certain that the danger is minimal whether they are open again or not.


  5. Richelieu says:

    Here are some facts for certain people in TrumpWorld’s bubble:
    Today’s Coronavirus Cumulative known cases 502876
    Today’s Coronavirus Cumulative Deaths 18747
    Mortality rate 18747 / 502876 * 100 = 3.73%
    Seton Hall published a poll in which they asked respondents what it will take to persuade them to attend live sporting events again. A staggering 72% said they would not go until a COVID-19 vaccine is developed (and another 12% said they would only go if they could be certain social distancing would be practiced). The most optimistic estimates are that a vaccine is 18 months away, and then it will take another lengthy period of time to produce and administer the vast number of doses needed.
    Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan all had early success against the coronavirus and relaxed. Now they are battling a second wave.
    What we need to open the country is
    1. testing. lots and lots of testing. MILLIONS OF TESTS
    2. Reliable Contact testing
    3. Labs to PROCESS testing in a timely manner
    4. Reagent for testing. MILLIONS
    TRUMP’S MASSIVE BUNGLING FAILURE! He knew about this in January. Did nothing. Wasted our chance to get on top of this.

    When he opens it up, and I have no doubt he will, and soon, he will have even more blood on his hands. He doesn’t care who dies as long as he can get reelected. Sadly, he has surrounded himself with butt kissers who support him in this. And then there’s the 40% of the country that forms his base….who are even now in the bag for him…. but there are stirrings of discontent.
    It is hard to stay with the pack when a loved one dies after the Dear Leader says that everything is going great.

    It is stupidity and willful ignorance glorying in that stupidity that got us into this mess. Let’s stop it before our hole gets any deeper.

    It is time and past to listen to experts and to deal in facts.

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  6. As Richelieu wrote: “It is time and past to listen to experts and to deal in facts.”


  7. Richelieu says:

    Some comments from Trump on Friday:
    Asked by a journalist about the level of testing for the coronavirus across the US, the president answered: “This is a very brilliant enemy. You know, it’s a brilliant enemy. They develop drugs like the antibiotics. You see it. Antibiotics used to solve every problem. Now one of the biggest problems the world has is the germ has gotten so brilliant that the antibiotic can’t keep up with it.

    “And they’re constantly trying to come up with a new – people go to a hospital and they catch – they go for a heart operation – that’s no problem, but they end up dying from – from problems. You know the problems I’m talking about. There’s a whole genius to it.”

    He added: “We’re fighting – not only is it hidden, but it’s very smart. Okay? It’s invisible and it’s hidden, but it’s – it’s very smart.”

    Though it is unclear whether Mr Trump was directly suggesting the disease may once have been treatable with antibiotics, the president’s allusions to antibiotic resistance are misguided. As the World Health Organisation states: “Antibiotics do not work against viruses, only bacteria.”

    The stable genius can’t tell the difference between bacteria and viruses.

    As I was saying…
    Stupidity, ignorance and idiocy got us into this mess.
    Stupidity, ignorance and idiocy will not get us out of this mess.

    Yet 40% of our fellow citizens believe every word this dangerous idiot spouts.

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  8. Richelieu says:


    Trump claimed that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. in New York City and his base would still support him. He needn’t have been so uncharacteristically modest.

    Trump discounted the outgoing Obama administration’s warnings to prepare for a possible pandemic, disbanded a National Security Council group at the White House charged with preparing for a pandemic, decreased staff at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in China by more than two-thirds, and disregarded warnings from U.S. intelligence agencies and his own trade advisor in the months before COVID-19 spread from China to the U.S. and other countries.

    Trump can thus claim at least partial credit for the recent and impending deaths of thousands of Americans, including doctors and other medical staff, and for the suffering of hundreds of thousands of others from this disease. And he was right: “the base” (in Arabic, “al-qaeda”) still supports him. His accomplishment should be given full recognition, very publicly.

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  9. Aramis says:

    Speaking of Trump’s ignorance:

    According to the Washington Post:

    During one task force meeting in the Situation Room last month, Trump turned to Fauci and challenged him.
    It was the day the administration was adding Ireland and the United Kingdom to its travel restrictions, and Trump wanted to understand why talk of “herd immunity” — allowing the coronavirus to sweep a nation largely unchecked, with the belief that those who survived would then be immune — was such a bad idea.
    “Why don’t we let this wash over the country?” Trump asked, according to two people familiar with his comments, a question other administration officials say he has raised repeatedly in the Oval Office.
    Fauci initially seemed confused by the term “wash over” but became alarmed once he understood what Trump was asking.
    “Mr. President, many people would die,” Fauci said.

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  10. Aramis says:

    Speaking of Trump’s ignorance (part 2):

    The president has no idea how to speak to Christians because he knows nothing about Christianity

    Wishing someone a happy Good Friday is like saying “Happy Pearl Harbor Day!” or “Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination Day!” It demonstrates a recognition that a day is important but without grasping the significance. That was why, even by his own standards, President Trump’s tweet commemorating one of the holiest days of the year for most Christians was jarring. “HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY TO ALL!” read the message, written on the president’s iPhone in his signature all-caps-and-an-exclamation-point style.
    For a president who enjoys a high amount of support from white conservative evangelical Christians, Trump has displayed a remarkable unfamiliarity with Christian practice and language and has shown little desire to learn more about the faith of his most ardent followers, including Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr.

    Yet almost 100% of christian evangelicals continue to support him.

    Can’t make this stuff up.

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  11. Aramis says:

    Trump Ignorance (part 3)

    Creator of influential coronavirus model predicts a second wave if U.S. reopens by May 1
    A resurgence in cases is likely if the country reopens by May 1, the creator of an influential U.S. coronavirus model said Sunday on CBS News’s “Face The Nation.”

    The second wave would probably hit in July or August, said Christopher Murray, director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

    In states such as California and Washington, where cases appear to have peaked, Murray said officials still need to wait “multiple weeks” after the apex to reopen to ensure contact tracing and testing can work. He estimated some states might be able to open by mid-May.

    “If you open up too soon, and there’s a big load of cases still in the community that have the potential to go back to community transmission, we can quickly see resurgences in some states,” Murray said.

    Murray warned the country will need to address interstate travel and trade before reopening so the virus is not transmitted across borders in states that have steered clear of it. He said Texas is among several states that have made exceptions to their lockdown restrictions and pose an unknown risk to other states.


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  12. josephurban says:

    Thank god we have some governors who are real leaders and understand BASIC GERM THEORY.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Wungerford, from the CDC’s site today Apr. 12th after 4 PM totaling there are 20, 486 deaths.
    We know that many of these deaths did not occur from COVID19 but from other health conditions, especially in older and overweight persons.
    Hell, Richard Jewell died at 44 dies to diabetes and overweight.
    There are roughly 330 million people in the US.
    When we reach 330,000 deaths of people under 60 from COVID 19, not bad hearts, diabetes, tobacco, vaping and obesity that many with a simple cold or the flu might not survive then we can talk.
    Not everyone who has died has been tested for COVID19. Bad data in and you get bad data out.
    We will probably never know how many people had COVID19 and survived it and how many did not even know they had it.

    My daughter returned from a 3 day trip to LI in early February and had COVID19 like symptoms for over 2 weeks.
    She was fortunate that she could do her job from home with her computers and phone.

    I rural America we have to start using safe practices and get back to work.
    Wear and replace gloves regularly. Wash our hands with soap and hot water often and especially before eating and drinking.
    Wear correct masks and replace and clean when appropriate. Wear safety glasses and clean daily.
    Have an employer’s trained representative take everyone’s temperature every morning and send home anybody above normal.
    I am not advocating opening sporting events, concerts and places where there are large gatherings.
    If we are smart about this we can get certain segments back to work.
    Cities like NY, Philly and Atlanta where there is much public transportation will have to get more buses and trains to reduce the numbers riding at any one time. More people will have to drive and ride in cars.
    Using common sense and good sanitation habits and we will be fine.
    Having Nancy Pelosi and AOC advocating going to China Town or implying you are a racist is not helpful.
    Having Bill DiBlasio saying things were good back in late Feb or March were not good.
    The Governors have their states shut down, the the President.


  14. whungerford says:

    But Gary, you can communicate the disease when you don’t have a fever, many don’t own cars, sanitation has little to do with the spread of covid. I am glad that your daughter could work from home and recovered; others can’t.


  15. Athos says:

    I’m a little late to the party here. I just discovered this thread was still active.

    I’m a little disappointed by whungerford’s assertion that ‘sanitation has little to do with the spread of covid when recommendations about hand washing are almost universal.

    I’m also concerned about the two pieces, one from Gary and one from Anonymous. Both pieces promote the opinion that we need to get people back to work, and NOW is not too soon. Both pieces ignore the root cause of why we can’t achieve that most desirable goal. Both let Republican talking points shape their thinking. They are content to let others tell them what to think. More later.

    Pieces like these remind me of the flat-earthers. They tenacioulsy cling to their belief that the world is as flat as a plane despite overwhelming proof otherwise. I have no reason to believe that the flat-earthers are insincere and I choose to believe that they are probably very nice people. This doesn’t change the fact that they are seriously deluded. But their delusion has no effect on me, at least none that I discern.

    Then consider the opinions about reopening the economy now. Sincere people, convinced of their opinions, unwilling to hear anything outside of their bubble. But their delusion definitely affects my health. Returning to ‘normal’ without precautions could literally cause additional death. Disturbingly, the ‘pro-life’ party, whose membership clearly includes Anonymous and Gary, consider this a reasonable price to pay.

    There is a way to open…agreed upon by Birx and Fauci. Agreed upon by the majority of the nation’s governors, agreed upon by the CDC, agreed upon by epedimiologists everywhere. WE NEED MORE TESTING.

    We don’t have adequate testing capabilities because Trump and his henchman have horribly botched the Covid19 response. And worse, they continue to do so! The Eastern Consortium, the Western Consortium, and now the Midwest Consortium all state that they need tests to identify the spread of the disease. They need tests to identify carriers. THEY NEED MORE TESTS. To that end, the consortiums all state that they need a robust FEDERAL response to meet the test requirements needed for opening. Trump’s response…this is the states’ responsibility! Trump’s punt will definitely slow the economy’s reopening.

    If robust testing is needed to reopen the economy, and Gary and Anonymous and their Trump friends are very much in favor of opening the economy, then Gary and Anonymous and their Trump friends should stop with the Trump Talking points. They should start to look at the facts and the underlying science. After that, they should have not trouble laying the blame for the delay where it belongs….with Donald J. Trump!

    If Trump acts, which is doubtful for this paper tiger, we will have our economy back, sooner rather than later.

    If Trump fails, which is likely, we can expect more talking points displacing the blame from where it belongs..on DONALD J TRUMP!

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  16. whungerford says:

    I was at the hospital yesterday for a lab test. At the door, they asked about my health and took my temperature before letting me in. I believe they were ready to give covid tests to anyone with symptoms, but evidently not to all.


  17. D'Artagnan says:

    While Governor Cuomo was giving his daily coronavirus update, again a masterful display of leadership, competence and effective communication, Trump decided to tweet a derogatory statement about Cuomo and NY.

    Cuomo replied in depth and REAL TIME. His lengthy retort eviscerated weak Trump and his do nothing administration. He nicely encapsulated the problem: Trump’s dereliction led to unnecessary deaths and required a total shutdown of most of the economy; now he does not want to help solve the key problem with reopening — namely the lack of testing.

    This is a president who speaks loudly and carries a tiny stick.

    If Trump wants the economy open, he needs to stop the snark and start doing his job.


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