Richard Nixon Wants a Retrial

thumbs-upThis letter by Rev. Gary McCaslin appeared in the Corning Leader on Sunday February 2, 2020. It is posted here with permission of the author.

Richard Nixon Wants a Retrial

We have heard the essence of Trump’s defense from Alan Dershowitz: “The President can do whatever he wants as long as he is doing it in the best interest of the country and the American people. Even if he gets caught in the process, our President hasn’t done anything wrong. Nothing actually happened that could be called impeachable because the defense money was delivered to Ukraine, Zelensky got his meeting and all is well.”

Now imagine Richard Nixon in heaven. Upon waking from a celestial nap, he hears the news of Trump’s dismissal and his first words are: “Wait a minute! I want a retrial! I never imagined such a creative defense! Please remember: ‘I am not a crook.’”

Nixon continues, “Yes there was a Watergate break-in and the burglars had money in their pockets from the Committee to Re-Elect the President, but the plan was foiled and nothing really happened. In addition, every effort to discover dirt about the Democrats to help my re-election was all done in the best interest of the American people.”

As we come back to reality, we recognize this as a preposterous scenario. However, the Dershowitz defense now protects the President more than the Constitution. In addition, with a unified Republican Congress, it is unlikely the two parties will ever be able to work together again. Any possible collaboration is met with a barrage of presidential tweets that demean, ridicule and reveal a President whose communication skills simply mirror those of a schoolyard bully.

We can do better America ~ we must elect a new President and a Congress who will restore our land to one that is ruled by the Constitution and not by a power-hungry dictator.

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4 Responses to Richard Nixon Wants a Retrial

  1. whungerford says:

    Much worse than the votes in the Senate:

    • The Senate should seek revenge for the Articles of Impeachment.
    • Joe Biden should be punished for I don’t know what.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes…and on the humorous side imagine what is going through Bill Clinton’s mind.

    “I needed sexual relief because it helped me focus and be a better president. It was all for the good of the country…and of course I lied because it was in the country’s best interest also.”

    At my age I don’t condone ageism, BUT…Dershowitz is way beyond his sell-by date.

    Even my refusal to be honest

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Ignore the “even my refusal to be honest” at the end. Thought I had deleted it.

    Tom Zoidal

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  4. Porthos says:

    Republicans are evil (Senate vote, kids in cages, etc.)

    Democrats are incompetent (Iowa primary, failed impeachment, failure to
    dislodge Tom Reed after numerous attempts)

    Mike Will Get It Done 2020!


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